Visiting A Triumph And Royal Enfield Dealer For A New Motorcycle

No, I’m not selling my FJR, but I’m thinking about adding a fun smaller 2nd bike just for some variety. I have not locked myself down to a particular bike or for that …


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  1. Try Honda NAVI. I also wanted a bike as you had described. Different. No load. When you see this you will smile and just fall in love.

  2. Sankar Gs says:

    its speed shwing in kmph or mph

  3. Chuck M says:

    I just bought vulcan s with the se package and abs. Kind of like you just wanting something to run around and have fun with. That bike has exceeded my expectations in every way. Fun , fast , and easy to ride and handles more like a sport bike than a cruiser. Live in brooksville florida , if you cant find a dealer to test ride you can take mine out for a ride. I agree about not buying before you drive one but most dealers dont do it. I traded in Yamaha Venture for the FJR because of the drivetrain noise the Venture had. It was so loud at 50 mph i couldnt stand it.

  4. Dean Love says:

    Couldn't agree with you more about the importance of a test ride before making a purchase decision, and that is why I'm not going to be buying an FJR1300. Where I live (Phoenix, AZ), no dealer will let you test ride the bike before buying it. It simply doesn't matter how much the owners of these things love them. I need to ride one to see if I'm going to feel the same way before spending $16K to $18K.

  5. My mom lives around that area. I used to take route 41 which was a nice single lane country road till a few years ago. It kinda bummed me out last time I visited family in the area that it was all redone to look like every other Florida highway.

  6. Rock Lobster says:

    I covered my shoes in toothpaste

  7. Did you check out the Royal Enfield Thunderbird or the Himalayan? They're way better than the classic ones.

  8. wr 120r? mt 07 / fz 07? bmw f800gs?

  9. Mar Vel says:

    $7500 for a T1 Bonni …..Whats wrong with you It should be sitting in your garage right now…………Royal Enfield build quality Is garbage Indian made = junk .

  10. Always test ride!  I agree, I have an '09 Vstar 950 Tourer that I have done alot to and it is quite a comfortable fun bike.  The only issue I have is that it needs more power.  I was able to test ride a Indian Chieftain at my local dealership and was ecstatic to get to ride it.  I was really shocked to find out that I enjoyed my bike better than the Indian.  The only thing I really enjoyed was the power of the engine, otherwise I was dissapointed with pretty much everything else.  The bike just didn't fit me, handlebars weren't to my liking, the "plush" seat made my ass sore in about 20 mins.   Overall, not what I was expecting for something with that price tag!  Made me appreciate my $4500 bike much more!  Will probably just try to upgrade to the 1300 deluxe next year, only after I test drive it of course!

  11. gps .. how about a paper map or google maps or even the road signs spring hill is just up the road go to it and read the street #

  12. Love your reviews!…. Would Love to see your reaction after you ride a Kawasaki W650 or W800. I have a feeling it's the bike you've been lookin' for…:)

  13. Seriously for me Triumph is a bit to pricey. I can purchase a Japanese bike for a lower price and have just as good quality if not better. Parts are a bit cheaper and so is service. Triumph isn't worth it.

  14. Nice dude. Always a fun time shopping for a bike

  15. letgouvgod says:

    Moto Guzzi V7!!!! All the character you would ever want

  16. kelly j says:

    I have always loved triumphs

  17. jarrit2375 says:

    Hello I know you are not interested in the V-Max, however I thank you for making that test ride on the v-max. I purchased a vmax and love the hell out of it! Although your comments on the steering were right. After a couple of weeks that's no longer a problem bike turns great even while at parking speed. Hope you find what you want! Thanks can't resist the twist!

  18. Tom FJR says:

    KTM Duke 690 ?? Or like you said – check the used market and CL for a good used bike around $5k. Good luck in your search.

  19. Robnord1 says:

    I love buying a used machine that's been well cared for. They're a great value if you shop with knowledge and care, plus easy to sell and not take a beating if you bought smart. I bought a Goldwing a few years ago and decided it was too heavy for me. Sold it 3 months later for $2000 more than I paid for it to my first responder on Craigslist.. Have you considered used ?  Maybe you've talked about this in a previous video, but I've not seen it.

  20. FlubbaMOTO says:

    I thought you were really liked the Yamaha Raider? Or is that not what you're looking for in a second bike?

  21. NZsarge1 says:

    Check out the FZ/MT-07 or the 09

  22. Zappaz says:

    Check out a Yamaha Star Bolt or maybe a Vstar 950/1300.

  23. motonut says:

    Bryan, the Suzuki TU 250 is a very small bike. I will probably not be a good fit for you anyway. I am 5' 7" and it felt really small when I sat on it.

  24. Good luck with your search,although I could never get off a big displacement bike and hop on something way smaller

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