Triumph Thunderbird Storm

Here we are having a little look over what has to be one of the meanest, toughest bikes available on the market, the Triumph Thunderbird storm. Awesome …


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  1. AT 1:30 HOPE THAT ENGINES warm otherwise that was very foolish revving it unecessarily

  2. Kevin George says:

    yeah, no gear indicator. Nice exhaust

  3. pfff, with cold engine: stupid guy.

  4. Rahul Gulia says:

    +WEARE THEPEOPLE  Black Label – Highway of Desire

  5. Who's the artist and the song in the intro ? Really nice lyrics :)

  6. Stupid video. Can't even see the bike.

  7. I love mine!!!! great fast bike and handles great too

  8. mikefmaine73 says:

    I'm glad I finally showed up at the Triumph party. Just scheduled my test ride, I was back and forth between Harley and Victory…..oops so sorry. This Thunderbird Storm is a bad looking bike. We'll see if the book matches the cover, I hope so.

  9. Robbie Rob says:

    I love mine just cannot stop riding it

  10. ednamayfan says:

    I would have bought this bike, but it has no GEAR indicator – shame, considering the STORM is a brilliant bike!!

    GUZZI or VICTORY or INDIAN or even a Harley – which one to buy???

  11. and in the tradition of Mr henry ford you can have any color as long as its black

  12. I love this bike! ..what's the title of the beautiful track in background?

  13. WTF would people live there?? I want this bike too bad they don't have any colors!!

  14. Robert Lewis says:

    I just bought this bike …………..where do i get this exhaust?

  15. thinking of getting one of these for a change….

  16. I've got the long pipes they sound a little bit deeper.what color is it

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