Triumph T120R engine rebuild

Josh Mackenzie of Mean Machines tackles a oil smoking classic Triumph motorcycle. We are planning a series of “How To” videos, ranging from Road side …


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  1. 6rubios says:

    Great video, I'm going to be restoring my '67 T120 Bonneville. It was handed down to me through my family. I've determined that it has a seized piston. Any advice? Where do you order your parts from?

  2. I still just quite understand why the Triumph engine designers decided to make the engine with a 360 degree crankshaft configuration. That is a lot of mass going up and down, speeding up to TDC, stopping and going to BDC. It may as well be classified as a "Thumper', but despite this I think it is one of the greatest motorcycles ever produced!

  3. In my youth I rode these pommy motorcycles, had lots of good times…

  4. This takes me back to my youth, not only did I keep my own pommy bike running like it should but many friends bikes, these BSA, TRIUMPH & NORTON motorcycles were a bike part of my life..

  5. mazdagine says:

    Hi I will be doing a top end rebuild very soon and getting mine rebored I'll be using Hastings pistons and rings now my question is when I do assemble should I do dry assembly or should I lubricate the rings and bores I'm not sure as iv hear using oil can glaze the rings and they will never seal then what's your thoughts

  6. hdmw232 says:

    Fair enough.. Maybe I just need some more time to get used to it.. Cheers

  7. EcMoB John. says:

    Beautiful lookin bike, boss.

  8. hdmw232 says:

    Whats with the Rasta Man Floyd music ??

  9. mrstupid says:

    Have a look at some of my T120r videos.Cheers

  10. bluddy rowdy says:

    Gawd heres another – this is NOT an engine rebuild, just a 'top end' rework, Bluddy Basic

  11. Gohot229 says:

    Would love to see the attention paid to the push rod tubes and their sealing.

  12. KayWal1981 says:

    Nice work i wish i could work in a shop like that . gave ya a sub

  13. I would love to use ring compressors, but, since I make my living fixing these things…….I learn to make do.
    I once had to do rings on a Honda CBX….once.

  14. Luckily, I learned really quick.

  15. It all depends. Get in touch with the shop. Click on the website link.

  16. how much is it for the top end work?

  17. famousadio says:

    Im looking for a build on one of these motors, my dad has one in a chopper that hasn't been run in awhile and I want to get it going again. Is it something a person with decent mechanical skill can do? If not average cost for someone to go through the motor back and running.

  18. We're glad you liked it! Please stay tuned for more "How to" videos from Mean Machines!

  19. Roman Biller says:

    Thanks for good info and nice video.

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