Triumph Street Twin 2016 with Vance & Hines exhaust | Scrambler Kit

A few of you have been asking if the Triumph Scrambler will be getting an update for 2016. It’s not but Triumph have released what they are calling an Inspiration …


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17 Comments to “Triumph Street Twin 2016 with Vance & Hines exhaust | Scrambler Kit”

  1. Jan Aligno says:

    does anybody know how to safely remove the baffle out of this exhaust?

  2. what about the pillion rider ? will their legs become kfc after a ride?

  3. ชอบมากครับ good

  4. Gurdit Singh says:

    miss those growling arrows :

  5. Aladin Fox says:

    I am sure I read in MCN that this particular exhaust is not road legal?

  6. Mick Jigger says:


  7. mike wright says:

    selling my XR and getting one

  8. Brit rider says:

    That sounds fantastic! Not unlike my Sport 1000 with its Termignonis, but with less harsh bark. Love the whine of the gear driven cams (I assume that's what that is…?).

  9. Man …..let's hear that under some load 😊

  10. The definition of charisma, But ı wonder can this exhaust be problem for passenger??

  11. Can't wait to watch reviews of this bike, especially with that exhaust!

  12. Oooooh, that sounds so saucy. 🙂 Love it!

  13. JoUtan01 says:

    LMAO..50 years too late ??..hipsters will love this, i will not be surprise if they get the British Motorcycling Racing 
    Leg-End david beckham to promote this bike….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  14. Had a Tiger Trail in 80s yellow had a yellow breadbox tank and customised exhaust fitted. Ripper bike, single Amal carbie which you tickled, kick-start 1st time every time and character in spades. Overgeared, climbed like a mountain goat 🐐.

  15. How does that exhaust not burn the inside of your thigh? Even with the heat cover on. A deep burn…

  16. Gary Lowe says:

    It sounds good, but I don't like that clattering sound when it's on over run.

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