Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster Motorcycle Experience Road Test

TSN’s Motorcycle Experience review of the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster. For more Experience visit


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  1. I read that the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster is 2,500 or 98.3 inches long which is huge. Is this true?

  2. Interesting interviewing technique — ask a question, then quickly answer it yourself, and then let the other guy give his opinion. But it worked well.

  3. LesBec Kilby says:

    wow that bike is Awesome, let me guess all the knockers are Harley riders!!

  4. why do you sound exactly like Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad

  5. 2manysecrets says:

    The radiator kills it…terrible design.

  6. Guy Lechien says:

    What gear do you have on, host? I like the green hi-viz jacket. Thanks

  7. 佐藤健造 says:


  8. Arthur X says:

    The best video about this bike)

  9. They should make a full dress touring version like a Goldwing/Valkyrie Interstate etc that engine would make a beautiful big tourer but ya need a big fairing for big miles

  10. 2:25…..Yeah, I'm sure there's mounds of torque when your bike isn't in gear.

    Oh yeah, at least he had the sense to recommend a cruiser to those who like to cruise.

  11. "It takes a lot to leave Earth's gravitational pull!" So am I to expect a motorcycle and a jet mixed into one, or are you talking out of your pretending-to-be-enthused ass..?

  12. Owned a 2012 for a year now. I love it and it is wickedly quick. it is perfect for me I am 6 foot 1 and the bike is big enough for me that I can be comfortable. Check my channel out for some more videos with someone riding the Rocket.

  13. Ever ridden this on a bumpy road? Say goodbye to your lower back :-)

  14. stratsareus says:

    How improve a great bike?? Paint everything black. And three cheers for the twelve year old who suggested the stripes…

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