Triumph Bonneville – How to replace a valve cover gasket

Step-by-step, how to replace a leaky valve cover gasket of a 2007 Triumph Bonneville T100. I am not a certified motorcycle mechanic but it didn’t seem to be that …


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  1. I have a 2010 Triumph Speedmaster, and there is a small leak coming from the valve (cam) covers. My local dealer says it will cost $800 Cdn to replace the gasket. From watching your video, I'd say he's planning on overcharging me! Do you think this is a reasonable estimate?

  2. Nicola Mill says:

    Great video thanks too. What is a good temporary thing to keep gasket in the cover. Can you use a smear of axle grease instead of just oil as I have minimal gap to get the cover and new gasket back on..cheers!

  3. Wonderful video. Thank you for this! I appreciate the time and care.

  4. bethel umc says:

    Ed, thanks for posting this video. The filming is well lit, adequately focused and properly edited. The thoughtful inclusion of how not to bang your head, tools needed, placement of removed parts and look you have a manual just like mine! So glad to hear your QUIET (if not stock) mufflers. I envy your center stand. All best wishes.

  5. incongra, did the upgraded parts (T1260904 & T1260337) work for you? I've contacted many places and they tell me to go with the original T1260900 & T1260309. The upgraded parts are supposedly for 2011 and after. What year is your Bonneville?

  6. GTs Garage says:

    Thanks for the instructional, will be doing the same to my project bike very soon.

  7. Timpala44 says:

    I have a 2005 Bonneville 790cc. I have read that you are supposed to torque the bolts in a cross pattern a couple newton meters at a time to insure an even seal. My bike requires 14 newton meters. I have heard stories of people not doing this method only for the seal to leak again.

  8. Thanks for that video. I have a Triumph America (same engine) that makes quite a bit of valve noise! It's my first Triumph so I'm not sure if they're really out of spec or if triumphs are naturally that noisy so I've been putting it off thinking it would be a complicated job. But now I see taking off that cam cover is quite easy so I'll do it next time I change my oil!

  9. ea4messenger says:

    Many thanks Dear friend Ed Flack your video help me to replace the seal cam cover of my Bonneville in black in Madrid bye bye !!

  10. Ed Flack says:

    Hi Scott! Small world indeed. That gasket leak is common with the 02-07 Bonnies. I've not had any problems since replacing mine, got the gasket from Baxter's Cycle in Marne, Ia. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Small World Ed. I typed in replacing a gasket on a 2007 Bonnie and your video came up. I went to school with you at Hawkeye Tech some years ago. Just bought a 2007 Bonnie Black. (with a gasket leak). Thanks for posting this video – Scott

  12. incongra says:

    It's done, no problem. Thanks again Ed. I used triumph part nos T1260904 ( the upgraded gasket) and T1260337, upgraded washers. I'm now aware that these leaking cam covers are/were a frequent problem, hence the "upgrade" to the parts.

  13. Ed Flack says:

    I wasn't too worried that I had over tightened but I thought maybe I had miss-reported the numbers. I'm glad I checked, thanks for keeping me on my toes. Good luck with your T100!

  14. incongra says:

    Ed, sincere thanks for this video It great.

  15. incongra says:

    Gotcha, I have now got the book right here in front of me and you're exactly right.10 nm . I was confusing newton meters with kilogram metres… duh. I'm presently doing this job on an 07 Bonnie T100 …wish me luck!

  16. Ed Flack says:

    Yes. I am sure. 10 Nm is correct. Perhaps you were thinking "foot pounds?" 10 ft lbs would be too high (13.558 Newton Meters).

  17. Ed Flack says:

    Thanks incongra for your concern. I have double checked the manual and the correct torque is indeed, 10 Nm. The tightening did not seem excessive at the time and I have since then put another 4,500 miles on this bike with no oil leaks or other problems. Source: Haynes Service Manual '01 to '07 Triumph Bonneville, T100, Speedmaster, America, Thruxton & Scrambler. Pg 2.5 Torque settings, Valve cover bolts = 10 Nm.

  18. Ed Flack says:

    I love the scrambler! I got this one because I wanted to throw saddle bags on for road trips and I didn't think I could do that with the high pipes on the scrambler.

  19. Ed Flack says:

    You don't have to drain the oil first. You are only working on the top end and the oil is all settled at the bottom. I actually did drain the oil first but only because I was going to change it anyway.

  20. chuck4325 says:

    Did you drain the oil before removing the cover?

  21. BoydBrianM says:

    I ride a Triumph Scrambler and love to twist a wrench on it! Your video was excellent! Very well done!

  22. a torque wrench… really ? 😛

  23. love everything about your bike, solo seat, black / white colour, centre stand, too bad they went with the "glue on badge" on the newer models…

  24. if you have not removed the air tubes …replace the spark plugs while the fuel tank is off ..18mm 12 point deep socket …3/8 drive …easyer down …

  25. mine [ 2002 ] hose was 2'' hard plastic that a flex plastic twisted over .. hard plastic cracked from gas e-15 and split ..replace with 1/4 gas hose 2'' or as long as you want..that fits [ slides ] tight on the metal vent tube in the tank and the flex hose screws over the other end …other years ??? on set-up

  26. Ed Flack says:

    Yes, sorry I forgot to mention to disconnect the vent hose, good catch!

  27. what about the gas tank vent hose under the right side ?????

  28. Tony Byrd says:

    Nice explanation and very helpful. I am experiencing a cam cover oil leak and have been thinking of tackling this repair myself as well. Thanks to your video, I feel much more confident in my ability to successfully replace the cam cover gasket.

  29. Jim Spraudog says:

    I love watching Ed turn a wrench.

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