Triumph Bonneville Build, Part 2 — Motorcycle Classics Motorcycle Classics editor Richard Backus and son …


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16 Comments to “Triumph Bonneville Build, Part 2 — Motorcycle Classics”

  1. bludshedx says:

    Great work guys. I'm jealous!!

  2. Nice moto,Where Is it muffler?

  3. obeyone77 says:

    Really nice bike,good job guys!!!

  4. chubalub says:

    Seriously hot bike. Love it. Nice job. I want it.

  5. gabrielefuzz says:

    beautiful bike! What kind of suspension you have installed?
    I do not understand what you say in the video! 🙂

  6. Impressive I like it, I want it!

  7. cholmes1969 says:

    @TajikRaven The kid who won the raffle has for sale on Craigslist in the Boston area right now.

  8. Graham A says:

    Good vid. Fabulous looking bike. You made me chuckle towards the end when you said it sounds so good while you were laughing.

  9. Aaron M says:

    you look so happy! that's great, Mr. Backus, enjoy the bike. I hope to rebuild a bike or two with my son one day…

  10. hinezilla says:

    Hey there Richie! That bike looks amazing!

  11. Khavul says:

    Sick bike, The bobbed rear-end with the duck bill sets it off!

  12. looks great but the front could be lower…. is it for sale?

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