Top 10 Best Motorcycle Brands 2015

10. Harley-Davidson Motor Company: Harley-Davidson Inc. formerly known as HDI, is a brand of America. It was founded in 20th century in Milwaukee, …


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19 Comments to “Top 10 Best Motorcycle Brands 2015”

  1. Nihal Sinha says:

    Japanese are mean to be in the top ranked bikes brands and about KTM fuck off !!

  2. Darin George says:

    BMW number 2????? Don't think so!

  3. jason pap says:

    where the fuck is KTM anf MV agusta ????

  4. Billy Klaas says:

    Vid was the best because klx was first!!!👍💩

  5. ACExRP says:

    get ducati out of there, watch snowcat. #fuckducati

  6. John Logan says:

    Kawasaki no. 1? It has lemon parts and breakdown easily. The rectifiers are always busted Honda or Yamaha should be first

  7. RoyalGaming says:

    What's the name of the beat

  8. So according to this list, KTM is a bad brand in motorcycles? Okay, so fuck the fact that they are Europes largest motorcycle brand……. this video sucks.

  9. Have you ever heard of ktm? no? let me explain. ktm is only the best freaking bikes evah!

  10. vulcanman64 says:

    My last Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic 2008 burnt though the piston rings after 18,000 miles. Piece of junk. Never again.

  11. vulcanman64 says:

    This list is a complete joke. It's built on bias.

  12. I would say take out Harley move everything one back and for number 1 put ktm.

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