The New Triumph Rocket III Roadster Motorcycle

The New Triumph Rocket III Roadster with 224 Nm of torque – interview and footage of this awesome bike in action!!!!


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  1. eric jamison says:

    my dad has both the rocket iii roadster and a honda vtx1800. he even has a hyper charger and a power commander on the vtx. he loves that bike but he says that it doesn't come anywhere close to the rocket. it's not even close. hope that helps.

  2. jimbeem2 says:

    I own a 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster, I bought it new. It is insane. It is very comfortable and a wonderful cruiser. The power is over the top, incredible amounts of torque. The sound is the most unique thing you will ever hear from a bike at any RPM. At idle it sounds like it has a turbine. At heavier use it sounds like it will tear your head off it is so mean. I really like the look, it looks mean. So why did I buy it? Because it is not a Harley. I live in the USA and it is unique.

  3. Steve G says:

    Nice power, fugly bike, dumb video – 3 second flashes of a guy talking off center then 3 seconds showing a bike stunt.

  4. jamesklr1 says:

    Some one please the performance difference between that bike and a 1800 vtx honda i love the power of my 1800 and al the acc on it which i would have to do to the rocket pls inform me who has riddin or has owned both of them thanks

  5. Yeah i agree, It's each to their own, everybody who rides motorbikes pick's the bike they want not what other people say you should get. I'm getting a Triumph Street Triple R. It's the style i like, it's a triumph, i'm from england, it's unique and i like it 🙂 . "Independent of the good opinion of other people" Is a quote worth remembering. Do things for your opinion not any one elses, don't do things because you might get praise for it, do things because it's what you do. and that's that 🙂

  6. Keyser Soze says:

    vehicles should always be sinister in some way

  7. Keyser Soze says:

    holy shit listen to that thing!

  8. ahmed saeed says:

    I have one I bought two weeks ago …. It's really amazing bike

  9. MrVu35 says:

    this bike belong to the devil

  10. dantae666 says:

    Harley or rocket three i cant decide

  11. i jizzed in my pants 0:57 lol !!1!

  12. STruple12 says:

    for the 3 guys that have harley here – look at dislike bar, then on your penis .. no difference 🙂

  13. Thorn11acr says:

    I'm 63 and have had dozens of bikes including the awesome Yamaha V Max. This Rocket 3 is in a class by itself. Wherever I go, they bring out the camera's.

    My 2005 has the special Triumph exhaust, K&N air filter and puts out just under 170 hp and is much faster than the new detuned model.

    I could start off in 2nd gear and blow the doors off any Harley. Mine has the "Touring Seats" and is very comfortable on the road. You get it all with this bike, Speed & Comfort… its REALLY POWERFUL,

  14. trqmj says:

    @trqmj I got a 2010 model and the MSRP was 14k. I paid 17k including taxes, fees and some accessories…..

  15. trqmj says:

    Just got one. I love it.

  16. A wheelie on this bike!ohhhhhhhhhhhhohoho!!

  17. pspfreaktr says:

    OMG this is a real rocket with seat.

  18. kennydelmar says:

    I didn't hear a word this guy said until the 3rd play through

  19. kennydelmar says:

    Standing ovation, Triumph marketing dept… fantastic video. Dude rattling off technical points contrasted with wheelies, burnouts, backing it in and AIR… on a cruiser with 2.3L of engine?!?!?!

  20. Loki says:

    I love my speed triple. When I'm ready for a cruiser, I know what I want.

  21. Luwinkle says:

    @trqmj Roadster.
    Why? It's a Triumph..and not a Suzuki.

  22. Luwinkle says:

    I love Harley and believe stringently in buying American-made whenever possible.
    But dear Lord I want one of these more than sex.

  23. 9secondsflat says:

    100% bad ass….I might just sell my 09 hammer s and buy one of these beasts

  24. trqmj says:

    I am hesitatting between the Roadster and the Suzuki M109R. I don't know wich one I should get. Any recommendations?

  25. WizardMars says:

    @Redbirdasphalt Damn straight bro, I hate all these haters who compare against each other saying how cool they are when all that really matters is the ride.

  26. 240SSONLY says:

    i dont even like triumphs or cruiser Harley looking bikes… but this video is sick…

    thumbs up

  27. can we just stop comparing everything to a Harley? My pops had a Harley Bobber and I had a Triumph Speedmaster. Who cares what you have as long as you love what you are privaledged to ride. If anyone should be bashed, it's those morons who confine themselves to four wheel SUVs and use cell phones when we drive. Cars are the enemy.

  28. trqmj says:

    Is this bike reliable? I am interested in it but I am not sure how long it will last. I am a tall guy "6.3" and this bike fits me well.

  29. can someone tell me how much this bike cost, I cant find any for sale the triumph site just says the price is to be determined, please somone help me out, this bike is a beast and I feel the need, the need for speed lol

  30. mrbojangles says:

    anyway, two days (i think) unitl I get mine! The wait is taking over my life. The mrs says I'm getting snappy. The tension is building. Can't wait what it feels like to be pushed by the hand of God!

  31. mrbojangles says:

    mate, I am going through the same problem with my dealer. Massive customer service issues. Still getting it only because I want it but I'm drafting my first ever letter of complaint EVER to Triumph. If I hadn't paid the deposit I would have gone the VMAX. I know Triumph don't employ the dealers but this particular mob bring the name down.

  32. Boss Hoss engine is not a motorcycle engine though! The rocket 3 engine was built strictly for the bike!…

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