The Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World

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31 Comments to “The Most Expensive Motorcycles In The World”

  1. John Fay says:

    No the tomohawk is 8400cc

  2. hoplite46 says:

    who told you the tomohawk can do 600 kmh BS

  3. Wow rad prices too bad if you crash, the funeral would cost less lol

  4. pete a says:

    dumb fucks. a vehicle with 4 wheels is not a motorcycle.

  5. Adri Boy says:

    Id rather get the Supercharged Kawasaki HR2 way nicer than all of these imo lol

  6. Paul Burgess says:

    The most expensive was the ugliest!

  7. Ad van Tuil says:

    Title should be, The Most Ugliest Motorcycles In The World.

  8. R3NTZ says:

    The speed stats were just riducolous, a naked bike at 370 km/h or, even worse at 600? and a 50 hp old bike at 230 km/h? where do you live?

  9. Jack Richter says:

    Vincent black ,amazing bike..

  10. The Harley "Cosmic Starship" is a bone stock Harley Davidson V-Rod (about $17K brand new) with a stupid and ugly custom paint job. The Dodge Tomahawk has the same V-10 engine that powers the Dodge Viper automobile, and it displaces 506.5 cubic INCHES, equal to 8300 cc's of displacement, NOT 1800 cc's. And where is the Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter? At $130,000 it deserves a spot on this list, especially since it would run rings around most of the bikes mentioned.

  11. Bob Sullivan says:

    Always wanted a Vincent Black Shadow. If I had more money than I could ever spend I would buy this bike and ride the living shit out of it! I would post pictures of it covered in road crud and dripping oil everywhere on YouTube just to piss people off.

  12. grandpa75672 says:

    god damn music is too damn loud, assholes

  13. like is there the Cheapest bike? i mean peddle bike? like dirt cheap, but spanking brand new.. or perhaps i subscribe to the wrongly?
    am i at the right place here?

  14. nuclearping says:

    The 1 mio $ "designer" bike is ugly as hell.

  15. xenothius says:

    Britten V1000… last one sold for $5,000,000 (in 1995, only 10 made)

  16. 600KM/H????? Kinda hard to believe

  17. Jason Weyman says:

    am I the only 1 who would class the tomahawk as a quad bike rather than a motorcycle. … it has 4 tyres rather than 2??? and before any haters hate I actually like it

  18. 5252dan says:

    the editor thinks he's some kind of goddamn diva.

  19. Dodge Tomahawk 1800cc? Don't'f**king think so……8,300cc

  20. Noice says:

    if i become rich some day i buy that golden chopper with bitches

  21. TheOutlaw256 says:

    the Vincent is the only one that I would buy but not at 500,000,knowing it was sold for less than 2000, brand new,just couldn't do it..and I built streetrods and custom bikes for a living….

  22. mafiatour says:

    I think F1 engineers should stay away from motorbikes!

  23. Nick Devito says:

    If I had billions I would get the tomahawk and a 50k working ton light cycle

  24. Mx WaRLoRd says:

    Choppers are total GARBAGE!

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