The best superbikes in 2016,New models of CBR,Ducati,Yamaha,Triumph

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20 Comments to “The best superbikes in 2016,New models of CBR,Ducati,Yamaha,Triumph”

  1. That Ducati seems straight oughta heaven

  2. Guys, academic Anybody recognize smarter this qne?" .

  3. I have R3 black, with red stripe at front cool to ride..

  4. ᴴ4sWe|I says:

    r3 red and green looks sick

  5. VR 46 says:

    So cool bike
    I like YZF R3 Black

  6. Dremyofit says:

    R3 great project bike. kick-start your riding nice.

  7. Sheddy Yoe says:

    that diavel…wow i'm in love

  8. Why no front shot of the cbr600rr??😭

  9. edwin pepito says:

    that black r3 is so cool :D

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