Retro Roadster Gaiternational Shootout + Video

Laaadeeeeez and Gennntlemennnn, standing before you are the three of the newest middleweight roadsters of the 2016 model year, the Harley-Davidson …


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  1. Rob W says:

    So you'd pick the Triumph on all subjective performance measures…

    Or the Guzzi because it looks gorgeous and has shaft drive…

    Or the HD… er… because… er…

  2. guzzi guzzi , shafts drive, no dirty rags, no cans of chain lube in ur garage, no cleaning of grease all over ur wheel, without centerstand, chain cleaning and lubing is a royal pain in the

  3. asad kamran says:

    moto guzzi is the best cruiser

  4. M Irfan says:

    ill go for the moto guzzi for sure

  5. joseph b says:

    damn they need to fire stoned boy, with the ancient shades and the bed head….

  6. Heya guy else sounds deeply brilmnanxsince 8D

  7. Tuvia says:

    Guys, your audio is poop. Stop using interns for audio.

  8. Cal Crappie says:

    The Harley looks fine to me and I like to gripe about Harley's as much as the next guy. That 750 will have appeal for light urban cruising and will probably have appeal for women bikers as well.

  9. whiners131 says:

    That White haired dude is an unofficial spokesperson for Harleys…

  10. Chris Doms says:

    That Harley is just such a terrible bike in every single way.

  11. Hmm says:

    MOTO GUZZI guys!
    The H-D is so SO strange(in a bad way)
     and the triumph it might be better at handling and performance, but these kind of bikes are not for that anyway.

  12. triuph ………the legend !!!!

  13. Massey Ferguson, er, um… I'm sorry, Hardly-Ableson, strikes again…


  14. 9999plato says:

    They are stuttering as they are forcing themselves to say anything good about the Hardly. POS.

  15. 9999plato says:

    The Harley is true trash.

  16. Harley can you build something so ugly ..cos you cant build anything that looks good

  17. quietguy1948 says:

    I like none of the three… I'll keep my "retro roadster", a Honda CB1100 Four.

  18. Someone needs to take the bananas away from the chimpanzee who does your editing!

  19. Death666wish says:

    I already like the Guzzi, but that "completely made in Italy" is very tempting to me, since we will soon see the day that there won't be any bike left not made in China, India, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia

  20. jajaf says:

    why not Kawasaki W800 ???

  21. J Boy says:

    I sat on the Street 750. Engine is beautiful. I wish they would have just threw it in a Buell frame and continued the brand!

  22. 1. Triumph, 2. Moto Guzzi, 3. H-D.

  23. Surprised that the Ducati Scrambler was not included in this comparison

  24. Prt Eng says:

    the Harley looks wrong. like the frame and styling designer was angry at the man Who designed the engine.

  25. VTECheart says:

    Triumph seems to be the obvious choice unless your dedicated to another brand.

  26. Simon Fly says:

    That Harley looks shit , looks like a bike on a merry go round .

  27. Dont take this as an insult but as a suggestion from someone who's very good with video editing; Either fire your video editor or get a guy who can mix your audio properly. Lapel mics are tricky, I know, but either you guy on site repeatedly goofs up or your editor/soundguy goofs up.(It's always too loud because of too much gain, which hurts to listen too or too soft, like your editor is too far from the mic) All your videos look professionally shot but your audio quality is straight outta 1992. I'm still a fan. Just step up the audio quality control.

  28. Andy J says:

    if only harley would have made a bigger body for the 750, would have been a nice offering considering the price..that bike looks small

  29. here comes the harley lover, whole video is about harley only.
    useless !!!

  30. Rick T. says:

    I love my '13 Guzzi V7 Stone. The suspension has been upgraded & dialed in… And a few tweaks were made to up power. Controls were swapped out to establish a sporting position for aggressive riding (clip-ons, rear-sets). Some tasteful aesthetic updates to finish her off and voila… My favorite bike in the stable. 100% 🇮🇹👌🏼

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