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  1. James T says:

    I love the silent desperation to escape, he just wants to be free

  2. This is one of the most epic movie sequences of all time.
    Even the music is perfect.

  3. Briefly desire learn peaceful grief.

  4. Klaaa…, wäre die Wehrmacht so unfähig gewesen wie in nahezu sämtlichen Filmen und Serien aus dem englischen Kulturraum, hätte man kaum Europa, Teile von Afrika und Asien erobert oder ein Weltbündniss gebraucht um Das Reich nieder zuwalzen. Aber ist ja auch ein Film und der soll unterhalten, versteht man ja und die Eigenen Unfähigkeit natürlich loben und die Wahrheit eben verzerren. Aus dem minimalsten das maximalste rausholen können die Deutschen sehr gut, andere haben die Masse aber keine Klasse, Punkt. Heute mag das anders sein, aber damals war das so. Wir sind keine besseren Menschen aber die Effizienteren und das auch Heute noch. Da könnt ihr auch haten und machen was Ihr wollt, ich muss nur mal meine Wohnung anschauen oder auf die Strasse gehen und sehen was Sache ist, gehe ich schon Alleine ins "Deutsche" Srrasburg oder in andere Nachbarländer/Städte sieht es da aus wie 20-30 Jahre hinterher oder bzw nie was investiert groß, nur das Nötigste und wir haben keine anderen Länder ausgepresst wie Frankreich, England oder auch die USA, nahezu Alles selbst erschaffen und jetzt kommt IHR!

  5. Ride like the wind, Steve McQueen!

  6. I am brazilian!i like play the game of the great escape in playstation 2!

  7. robbieyh says:

    does anybody know where this was filmed or what town

  8. I'm sure someone has already mentioned this but Steve McQueen did NOT jump the Triumph over the fence….that was done by Bud Ekins….stunt man and desert racing champion…

  9. Steve McQueen is one of the Best Actor's of his time. I Love all of his Movies..

  10. great scene, but actually never happened

  11. bunchlead says:

    Seen this film as a little kid and I still want him to get away.

  12. Frank Stall says:

    Fact is that at that time the Germans wouldn't have had and didn't have 100 troops chasing down one guy.

  13. When Steve McQueen jumped that barbed wire fence he went from being a star to being a super star….God Bless him.

    ( I know it wasn't really him, but he wanted to do the jump and people thought it was him.)

  14. eldo59 says:

    I don't know too many other movies especially today that have motorcycle action scenes like this.

  15. Da Maxster says:

    At 5:36 he should have stopped bike and crawled through final wire before they got to him.

  16. Jeff Gibson says:

    It was a 1961 Triumph TR6 and Bud Ekins did the jump.

  17. Mervyn Jones says:

    A Merkel , your meant to be in control of so called nation , but its beaten!
    Trying to undo the destruction 6 Million Jews !
    It won;t work!

  18. Charleybones says:

    Hollywood actors speaking german with english accents. They could have paid a german to do it more realistically…

  19. Allan Curtis says:

    Bike is a Triumph, 650 Trophy, and it was Bud Ekins that did the stunt, ( Bud was also one of the stunt drivers in the film Bullit) It is rumoured that Steve did do the jump later off camera just to prove he could do it. Steve was an amazing bike rider, who loved to race bikes, just watch the docu/film "On any sunday"from the early 70`s, plenty of shots of Steve racing for real in that film

  20. Bob Ross says:

    Owned a Triumph T595 and thought about Steve McQueen every time I turned the key :)

  21. Steve McQueen never used doubles.

  22. Yaseen Khan says:

    What country was beyond the border? Neutral Switzerland?

  23. I've never been excited for motorcycles, this is awesome! They keep the camera nice and wide so we can actually see the movement, not all this overused close-up cuts bullshit

  24. This review from Time magazine 1963 is very interesting:

    "The use of color photography is unnecessary and jarring, but little else is wrong with this film. With accurate casting, a swift screenplay, and authentic German settings, Producer-Director John Sturges has created classic cinema of action. There is no sermonizing, no soul probing, no sex. The Great Escape is simply great escapism"

  25. I must have watched this a thousand times and I still believe he's going to clear that barbed wire.The absolute greatest and in an era when there were plenty of hollywood actors with bags of charisma. If reincarnation is happening any time soon I know who I'm coming back as.

  26. How is a German army bike a Triumph?

  27. david nelson says:

    Oh, and the original 'king of cool', James Dean rode a BSA Bantum too.

  28. david nelson says:

    The bike the 'king of cool' was riding was an English bike, a BSA Bantum.
    Steve preferred this model because the correct BMW was not good for trialing because of the flat 2 layout of the engine making it unstable during stunts.
    Just a little factoid for aficionados lol.

  29. Dicky Fisher says:

    Shortly before he died of Cancer i met him in at the 99 restaurant off high street in Boston. we had a beer and a burger an talked bikes. I dont care if no one beleaves me or not it was 1980. we had a great time talkin old school cars an bikes. i respected the mans privacy. never asked for aoutograph.

  30. A great movie scene-except for one Small problem-Ste Mc Queen is doing his own Stunts! Who cares!-Steve Mc Queen was rhe 60s Definition of "Cool"

  31. Howard Neely says:

    Steve can be seen in one scene persuing himself, apparently they couldn't find anyone else fast enough. Bud Ekins who made the famous jump also did the bike crash scene in the movie Bullitt.

  32. Amazing filming… scenery used throughout the chase is breathtaking. Steve is the coolest… ever.

  33. I like the great escape if I was Steve I would wait in till and hide in day time in night time I would escape

  34. Double Ghod says:

    I read that at some points Mcqueen was playing two roles. In some clips he would put on a Nazi uniform, hop on a bike and become part of the entourage that was chasing him!! Also, for the big jump, McQueen got one of his professional bike riders from California to do it. And they had to reinforce and modify most of the suspension.

  35. shaun morris says:

    Never be another film to equal it .. perfect in every way

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