How to Shift Gears on a Motorcycle – EASY Steps!

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  1. so i drive a manual car so just like in a car of if am in 4th gear i can go into neutral, if i am in 4th gear of a bike can i go into neutral or do i need to go through all the gears?

  2. U don't have to pull in the clutch while down shifting from a higher gear to a lower gear. And u also don't have to let the clutch off slowly while moving for example from 2nd gear to 3rd gear.

  3. You simply cured the biggest puzzle  in my mind about gearshifts.. ;)

  4. You make it look soooo easy! How long did it take you to become proficient with it? I am a new rider btw. I literally have everything down except for the shifting (well I only have neutral and 1st gear down). I'm only riding in first gear.

  5. Dylan Smith says:

    any suggestions on what size bike a beginner should have cause im 15 almost 16 and wanna get a bike

  6. True Kili says:

    Monosity why did you switch channels?

  7. jam t says:

    first 3:30 sec the guy can hardly form a proper sentence! going to and fro on directions… confusing af.. voice cracking… jeeeez. now let me continue with the rest of the video lol

  8. You're the real MVP motonosity!

  9. Tunt Cunt says:

    I just started watching all of your tutorials on this, even though a few weeks ago I rode a bike for the first time xD It was a 600cc Fazer and for some reason gear shifting, high speed turning and leaning came instinctively… Maybe it was all those years of bicycles? hah
    These videos did help a lot, anyways, so thanks a lot for them Motonosity! :D

  10. motonosity I seriously wish you would create a beginners series covering one subject at a time but covering all the steps. u da best dude. Keep up the good work!!!!

  11. Aotahi Beach says:

    Click into the what? Hahahahaha

  12. appreciate all the great gonna get me and the wife a bike in about a year or less and we're gonna take the safety course. I've been on dirt bikes and a 600CC about 7 years ago so it's been a while. thanks for your time and instructions.

  13. Do you roll off the throttle all the way? Is it simultaneous or one then the other? lol Im a uber newbie if you cant tell just did my first day learner course today. Had a bit of trouble getting my head around this.

  14. Lam Dragon says:

    yo i love this series, big help thank you

  15. Hey I was wondering what is something that a beginning rider looks for whole buying their first bike,??

  16. SR Chaos PB says:

    once im rolling and about to shift to 2nd do i have to let out the clutvh slow, or can I drop it

  17. Faisal H says:

    your videos are the easiest to understand thanks bro

  18. Hi Motonosity, Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm moving onto my first 125cc in 2 months (Yamaha XT125X) and this video helped a lot, thanks bro!

  19. mert balbal says:

    shifting up is easy but shifting down is hard, sometimes the back tire just locks and makes the motorcycle unstable for a moment which may cause a crash

  20. Kody White says:

    Dude. You're at Freescale!!! I just applied there before their power went down last month!

  21. Alex Pratt says:

    So essentially this is just the give:take method that you use in a car? Give as much gas as much as you take off the clutch, evening everything out.

  22. great teaching!!!! do i keep it first gear at a stop in go red light to green light traffic? also wat gear i need up a hill and down a hill?

  23. thank u for the video, i would like to ask, if you are in 1gear, you need to let go of clutch slowly right?, but what happen if i want to shift to 2nd gear, do i need to let go of clutch slowly or just a click or i can let go immemdiately, will it cause jerking of the bike?, thank u..

  24. ahad180 says:

    I saw a lot of videos but the way you explained the gear shifting is very easy to remember

  25. Ayo Wright says:

    Confusing as fuck. Get your thoughts together dude.

  26. Andy Orduna says:

    Do you do the same posses when you shift the gears back to one?

  27. So do bikes only have one break lever? 

  28. Im the 62nd thousandth subscriber!!!

  29. Lancine Kaba says:

    do you get really hot wearing all this gear? noob here

  30. Brooke W says:

    Most informative shifting video I've seen. 

  31. AHMAD KHALAF says:

    Thanks for the video. Very good one.
    When speeding up, if I roll off throttle, pull on the clutch, shift the gear up, and never pull on the throttle, what will happen?
    Can u plz explain :)

  32. MrDragontie says:

    Never rode a bike or drove a manual car but now i understand everything except when you should shift. At what speeds or rpms do you usually upshift? 

  33. Devon Asher says:

    i have a feeling im going to have the same problem as i did when learning to shift in a car i was nervous and wanting to powershift like im fucking racing nascar lol so i have a feeling im going to do the same and shift like im racing motogp lol 

  34. Zerotech80 says:

    Hi I'm from Australia and I'm on my learners, I am new to motorcycling and I am glad that you have shown me this video about gear shifting. What you have shown is not only rev matching but also engine braking when you change gears down which would help me control speed to stop better. Right now I am a bit awful at doing it quickly atm. I suppose its better to take it slow and gear smoothly  and then gradually speed up the process to a point you are just flicking it.

    That kind of gear shifting will take some time for me to adjust but I suppose that is the best way to change gears and slow down to stops better, thanks for showing the video.

  35. NotW 777 says:

    Thank you!!! that was really helpful, thanks for being real detailed.

  36. What kind of a motor bike that has no clutch lever?i live in asia and sometimes i see bike that have two pegs for you to change up and down for gears and it have no clutch lever…what is it called?

  37. Chris Watson says:

    Very simple technique, thanks for that.

  38. JDrArtLife says:

    Easy peazy. Very good vid thanks 

  39. Wow I think I got it this video really helped me out alot you explained detail by detail I like that now I just have to look for a bike to practice on lol

  40. 101Unit101 says:

    Swallowed your squeeker lol 3:25

  41. Buttz says:

    Alright so i have never been on a bike before. Sorry for this dumb question. But with the steps/ gear shifter, is it like a manual car or a flappy pedal gearbox. Is the position for 1st gear different from 4th, or do i click up and it snap back to the original position. 

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