Delboy’s Garage, Triumph Bonneville, Pt #1, ‘wheel removal’.

Simple and straight forward job, taking both wheels out of your Triumph Bonneville for fitting of new tyres.


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  1. Bigalref1 says:

    why did you remove the brakes,

  2. roastduck4u2 says:

    Thanks for the instruction – would you show us how to jack the motorcycle up to do this type of work? Is a specific jack utilized to elevate?

  3. Hi Del, have you done a vid on changing wheel bearings on triumph Bonniville from Bob

  4. Wayne Vowell says:

    Big thanks from Texas on your Triumph Bonneville series. The rear tire on my Bonneville America was flat, and I would never would have had the nerve to attempt removing it had it not been for your videos, which made the job seem much more doable. There were some challenges but I got it done, and I referred back to your videos over and over again. I threw in an oil change too after watching you do it. Thanks again, all the best to you and Penny.

  5. Terrifically helpful for my rear rotor replacement project today. I thought it was going to be more difficult than this, but it was easy. Thanks for the straight forward video sans loud music and silly graphics that YouTube videos all have these days.

  6. Hi Delboy! Is it possible to put some Black Anodised Excel Rims in this Bonneville? If yes, which size for front and rear (R16, 17, 18 or 19)? Many thanks JPH

  7. Elairasel says:

    I'm writing a book, and one of my characters has a Triumph Bonneville. I just want to say that, coming from someone who knows diddly-squat about motorcycles, your videos have been a huge help in my research. You have just become one of my main sources, and I'm looking forward to checking out your other videos on the Triumph. Thank you so much!!

  8. maybe a silly question, but I've never used a bike jack, so I don't know. Do you normally tether the bike to the jack when its in the air and being worked on? Whats the odds of it slipping off as you bang around on the bike while on the jack?

  9. Raj Cha says:

    Delboy, could you please make a video of the basics of the electrical system on the bike and how it works. I have found electrical systems to be a black art and im sure there will be many like me out there. You can fix it for sure :)

  10. Raj Cha says:

    Your video is of great help. Cheers from India!!

  11. Dude…. thank you. Needing to take my wheels off of my America (videos in my profile). Question, I'm having my Mags powder coated. Do I need to remove anything other than that sprocket holder?

  12. I just found your youtube site and am enjoying it! My wife and I both ride and this past year each have purchased a Bonnie. I've worked on cars, a lot but never bikes. Can you make a video on the proper way to raise the Bonnie up on a jack? Simple I know… but I'd really like to see it first before I tip mine over in my garage….

  13. Hey John, I have a 2011 speedmaster, change the pipes for better sound and now I have popping through the exhaust, was told it was fuel injected and there was really nothing I could do about the poppy, any advice?

  14. John Paniccia
    Hi, I have a 68 Bonnie….I need to do the oil change and I need to know where the drain plugs are located…there are a few nuts under there and I don't want to drain the wrong component….can you please give me a brief description…..cheers
    1 second ago•

  15. I'm about to get the T100 on August and I found that your videos are so much helpful.. Keep up your good works, greet from Thailand

  16. KrukasT4 says:

    Hi Del, first thanks for sharing and all the effort !!! How bad is the wiring of the  Bonni under the tank/inside the frame. I'm trying to decide, either the hard way…..cut frame and weld for hard-tail, or the easier way…go Cafe style. Just your thoughts.
    Best regards and you too ride safe,
    Harry ( PM

  17. dam comapaired to my tyres they are in very good condition I will have to send a pic of my tyres 🙂 you will cringe lol

  18. gremmann says:

    Would the Bonneville America rear caliper work? The bracket looks exactly the same as on my bike, except it mounts on top. Might check into that.

  19. Just got the newly painted wheels back on, thanx 4 that Del,  gonna tackle fittin seal kits to the calipers next. gettin the caliper bodies grit blasted and re coated an thought i wud do the seals myself. they are tokico calipers and was wonderin how different the anatomy is compared to the ones you have on your bandit? especially the rear caliper as i dont fancy drillin into the caliper to get the pins out!

  20. This is great. Getting ready to change my own rear tire in a few days and I feel confident now. Thank you so much!!

  21. I imagine that most people's garages do not enjoy the cleanliness so evident on YOUR floor. For the sake of newbies, it might be worth recommending some form of tarp on the ground to keep the grit out your axle ! Keep up the good work …

  22. Great stuff .. I like the 17" rims on the Bonnie. looks really nice. Question: you think the Bonnie could do long distance comfortably enough lets say 500 + miles and do you have any suggestions for added comfort ?

  23. Chris Moon says:

    Easy to understand why the dealer wanted shot of it: Triumph aint what it was.
    Oops me rose tinted glasses just fell off :)

  24. John Cee says:

    Very good explanation, well thought through !

  25. Hey Bud, as always great videos, I enjoy watching 'em all even though I have a Sportster. One thing I'd like to bring up, is the sound seems to be quite low. I have the volume up all the way and it's still far away. Weather I watch it on my iphone, my tablet or my laptop. Has anyone brought this up before ? Maybe it's just me… well, have a great one…. keep up the fantastic informative educational and entertaining videos… I'm considering starting making some on my own. 

  26. Hyperen says:

    Thanks for your videos – I'm far from mechanically minded but you gave me the confidence to take my rear wheel off myself rather than pay a garage for the labour.  I always enjoy watching your videos even on jobs I won't be doing at this moment in time – very well explained and filmed – Bonneville looks to be coming along very nicely now – hope you enjoy it!

  27. Colm Kirby says:

    Hi Del,
    I got my brakes sorted, thanks again to ur vids 😉
    Went for a spin this evening and found the rear tyre rubs against the shaft on my Honda ST1100.
    The tyre size is slightly incorrect, in that the tyre on the bike is a 160/60 ZR17 but the Honda manual states it should be a 160/70 17 or a 160/70 B17, so I am hoping a new tyre will cure the rubbing issue and it's nothing more serious, what would you think ?

  28. Benn Green says:

    What is the stand that you are using in this video? 

  29. Dave Mustard says:

    Hi Del, great vids as usual, liking Pennys Triumph, hope she enjoys the ride.
    Gunna look pretty cool riding down road as a pair,
    All the best
    Metal Micky

  30. Hi D, As you know I'm mechanically clumsy to begin with, plus the rules where I live don't allow me to work on vehicles in the common garage area, so things like tire changes I gladly leave to the dealer.  But watching your demos really helps me understand what's going on and communicate better with the mechanic / dealer. Thanks mate!  PS: Penny's new bike is cool, but I hope she returns to Harley someday! :)

  31. rear pads are good for 8,0000 miles or every tire change ….now trying the EBC HH pads so far grip better …

  32. well pointed out Del, I had a similar problem when I bought my Kawasaki VN800B it rode horrible on the way back from the bike shop, took me a week to get it sorted though due to lack of funds, had I noticed it when I bought I would of haggled more, RSMF.

  33. You mentioned for a foot pump a few videos back. What was it? Looking at buying a few more tools for the new shop.

  34. Another great vid, Del! Is there any advice you would offer to some fool like me who wants to take the next step and mount his own tires?

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