7 Comments to “BSA M24 Gold Star Motorcycle 1938 Vintage”

  1. pachy444 says:

    Whoever made this & left it on here for years as "informative" go back & read up on Gold Stars properly please. That bike is not anything like a 1938 M24 & in no way shows what "the first year of the Gold Star" looked like.

  2. pachy444 says:

    Very nice, although its almost certainly a 1939 M24 not a 1938 as stated.

  3. MrTedwise says:

    the empire star started of as a wet sump model and the became a dry sump like the m19 ,20, 21,22,23and 24 thats were you might be thinking of the difference between the early empire star and silver star hope this helps 🙂

  4. MrTedwise says:

    Hi supersvinet1, the bsa empire star WAS an m23 and then became the silver star ,and the vidio of the bike you are looking at is infact the bsa m24 GOLD star, you can tell the m24 gold star by the push rod tube being in two parts , how do i know well have one of these and i do still have friends still alive that worked at the bsa when these lovely old girls were about ,the frame no on my empire star is jm19 a1937 modle and my silver star engine no is km23 i am building a w handley rep

  5. supersvinet1 says:

    hello my friend those bsa's you are showing are really nice.
    unfortunately i have to disagree with you.
    this is m23-silverstar, and the other bsa u are showing is m22- empire star.
    im pretty sure this is not a goldstar however u can tell by frame and engine number.
    i have a '39 silverstar and the frames are km23-101..
    please check numbers and reply as i am restoring the bike and is concerned about identifikation
    best regards supersvinet

  6. RATTLEY67 says:

    Cool bike.Love the old Beezas

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