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  1. olly c says:

    Sounds epic. lush bike

  2. Cripple guy says:

    There's a clean 650 a 65 bobber for sale here and I soooo wanna go buy it. Vegas. Ride all year round even in the winter. I love your BSA .

  3. Paul Davies says:

    my c15 is the same bastard to start

  4. Nordland796 says:

    I luv it……I want one like it…awesome…..a Bonneville was my first big twin.

  5. Nice bike. Im sure he took off with the side stand down tho!!!

  6. D Harlo says:

    Whoah thats a perty lil bike!

  7. Marc Harris says:

    Hey gumbeet, Nobody cares about you. You stupid Prick. Like you are So Bad Ass. Hahahaha

  8. oh man, you dont see BSA much.

  9. such a nice ole brit bike..and look what its become..a gay candy apple red paint job under a 1%er poser. if the owner of this bike sees my post look at yourself in the mirror and say "IDIOT".. oh and have a nice fucking day cause after seeing this bike   IM FUCKING NOT!

  10. Jim Sadler says:

    It is a shame that more BSA bikes have not been preserved in the US. They may not have been the best designs mechanically but there is a certain art in the way they looked.

  11. Juj Chu says:

    What year bike would you start with to build one like that?

  12. is the shifter on the right side of the bike? 

  13. Wayne says:

    Now that is cool! What model of BSA is that? I have a BSA C15 frame which has twin shocks on the rear but I'm going to convert it to a rigid hard tail.

  14. One nice looking bike I'd give anything to have one like it.

  15. rob c says:

    +TR5T I have a a65 chopper and I get looks everywhere and everyone that talks to ne about it thinks it's Badass. To each his own man

  16. paddelnisse says:

    Damn what a good looking bike!

  17. Greg Cueva says:

    Holy Shit thats a nice looking Scoot!!!

  18. Real safe looking ride,imagine a cross country ride on this ball breaker.

  19. Roman Dybala says:

    What a douche . Bashing on the starter and the shifter like he's kickin' a dog.Will feel good when the sidestand digs in.

  20. …no front brake, kickstand down. gg.

  21. Ichiban Moto says:

    awesome ! I hope my custom youtube build turns out so sweet!

  22. tinnerboy says:

    sweet old bsa guy, very nice.

  23. Seth Tyrssen says:

    Very nice! That's a true "chopper" by the way, since something actually got chopped — in this case, to add the hardtail section. A "Bobber" has simply been stripped, mostly for weight. Ya see a lot of old Harley 45's like that.

  24. rhdmgman says:

    Nice bike, but it sure took a while to start.

  25. Ranj Dhillon says:

    hay mate could you give me specs of the frame and motor please ? ill pm you an email address if you could send me pictures of it ?i live in nz and wanting to build something similar 🙂 cheers

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