27 Comments to “BSA Bantam 1951 D1 125cc”

  1. MarkasHD says:

    would you recommend one for a 17 year old xD

  2. David Mantle says:

    I had one back in the day when the Post Office sold them on a Saturday morning once a month — mine cost £5. Believe it or not a whole weeks wages.

  3. Oomer says:

    You have a lovely bike and I love your DM's.

  4. Abe Normal says:

    Those kick start gears sounded petrified but glad you had a good ride :-)

  5. Povera moto!!!!! Se andasse a piedi le farebbe pure bene…….

  6. Yin Nwe says:

    is it for sale ?if it is, please show me your address and may i know the price. k z

  7. nickjaxe says:

    Go for it girl…I'm impressed…hope you have got some miles under your belt since this was put on in 2013.


  8. Very nice old Bantam. I had an ex GPO bike when I was 14.

  9. MrKnockaloe says:

    Thanks a lot .Not heard that engine for 50 years .Still music to my ears .She,s a beauty!

  10. Good little bikes once going, but the embarrassment could be excruciating when trying to start one after school in the high school motor parking lot, with your mates watching, especially when their Victorias, Puchs, Jawas and N-zetas started first kick! If your Bantam started second or third kick, you breathed a sigh of relief!

  11. ROY Dean says:

    I started riding one mid 60's, same colour scheme, but single seat, with leg guards,,,,,,,

  12. You can't beat lightweights.

  13. Beowulf 59 says:

    Had to laugh at this, glad to see you enjoyed yourself:) however felt a little disorientated after the 50th lap of the car-park lol, take care:)

  14. garry baker says:

    got myself a 1954 bsa d1 now and cant wait to restore it and ride it in the country lanes. best regards Garry

  15. Poor bike.. You kick it too hard 😁

  16. Getting dizzy watching that…lol

  17. xfire7 says:

    You make a bantam look like a 750 Munchkin :)…………….Have you passed your test yet?

  18. garry baker says:

    love it looking for a d1 now myself

  19. auto4union says:

    Yer doing great ! Good post ! My missus wants a Bantam to learn on then an Ariel Arrow ! Cool eh ! Peace Ye`All !!

  20. jiggermast says:

    Remember…'those who can, do and those who can't criticise!' nothing here to criticise anyway, excellent effort after a 30 year gap! and way better than many I've seen on utube, especially when considering it's a proper bike and not a 'point and press' machine!

  21. Gort Newton says:

    Beautiful bike, beautiful lady. Thanks for showing the 125cc. Wish I had one.

    What's your next bike?

  22. FiercePython says:

    This is true.the bike has been sorted now installed a 6v battery which does the lights, replaced electrics in engine and she now starts every 2nd kick, not bad.
    Its now as near original as I could possibly get her. Video up maybe soon.
    It was either DM's or Catarpillar boots 😉

  23. TS50ER says:

    A BSA and DMs. You can't say fairer than that!

  24. FiercePython says:

    Thank you & you go for it, booked some refresher lessons before I take myself on the road….

  25. WOO HOO, YOU GO, GIRL! My 1952 D1 isn't yet road worthy and you inspire me! (I wanted a 1951, as that is my birth year, but as I am a December child, I decided 1952 was close enough.)



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