Awesome Triumph Bobber – What a Sound! (motorcycle movie)

Awesome Triumph Bobber Download the full movie at Clip from the One World …


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  1. Colin Brown says:

    love the build. Im from Epsom Surrey and My pop came over in 1962 on the Queen Mary and brought 2 Triumphs and a BSA. The BSA and one of Triumphs already had some work done. Im 41,my pop came back to Chelsea in 1972 until I was born in 75. My mum was killed in 91 and we are both still British Citizens here on Resident Alien Green Cards. My big question being that my entire family fought in one way or another against the bloody Kraut pricks in WWII but most were pilots. My issue is wtf is up with the Maltese cross?? I know its not ONLY an emblem the HUN used but being English that shit hits close to home. why not ride a 1942 BMW if your going to slap the Kraut Cross on it? Hell go for a fckn Swastika!! The bullshit cross RUINS a beautiful bike. WHY!!!??????

  2. MxAxRxK says:

    That things fuckin rad! I prefer a larger rear wheel and lower bars but still bitchin.

  3. Jeff Gibson says:

    If bobbers are so awesome, why don't they race 'em on the Isle of Man?

  4. hotrods27 says:

    That is a great looking and sounding machine.

  5. Cripple guy says:

    I wish the new Ttriumphs sounded this good. But I guess the fitting order and crank are different and the new bikes sound like a Honda .

  6. need's the timing set properly, and set the carb up to get a nice tick-over,

  7. Invert Mini says:

    selling my 2008 200cc supermoto for a bike like this reason is, yeah love my bike but no dirt jumps just street so why not something cool and different than others p.s. 19yr old teen here xD

  8. MADROCKS212 says:

    shit dude that was awsome.

  9. 33Pictures says:

    handle bars not for me but thats a beauty build

  10. Tony Smith says:

    love that sound…that deep growl……did you get that deep roar from just cutting the exhaust pipes? or is there more to it?

  11. mr1uponu says:

    Thats the best looking bobber ive ever seen ! i would sell my soul to have that bike ! congrats to you !

  12. how much would something like that cost?

  13. frazer bond says:

    English and fucking proud!! what a bike!!!

  14. adamdis88 says:

    What handlebars are on it I love it got to get it for my bike

  15. Taylor Bowen says:

    Pssh… sounds like my lawn mower. Go Harley or go home.. lol jp nice bike man

  16. JohnnyRebKy says:

    I've never been around any triumph bikes but that is one cool ride! 

  17. Mike Dobbs says:

    Very nice T110.  Quality build mate!  Maybe some up slightly swept silencers, following the lower part of the hard tail, to take away from the openness of the rear end and also allowing some back pressure (if those are open drag pipes) to up the performance slightly if you haven't re-jetted that Amal  monoblock.   

  18. Heretic says:

    i love it, but I bet your neighbors hate it. 

  19. Bike looks Punk
    Sounds like METAL !!!

  20. UK KWF says:

    The Baron is the boss, Proper bike mate

  21. fightingzero says:

    Looks to be a pre-unit… Nice job!

  22. What kind of triumph is that ?.and turnd in to a bobber.

  23. MrTurnone says:

    That bike is absolutely tits, nothing like that sound.

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