2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 Review (First Ride)

This is our first look at the new Triumph Bonneville T120, look out for our used option review coming soon.


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  1. Mr A says:

    Made in Taiwan I do believe.

  2. threepot says:

    The 'genuine' retro. But their not 'made' in England!??

  3. Tyler Durden says:

    im torn between this and an indian scout, how would this bike fair on a cross country trip?

  4. Hugo Tomé says:

    Triumph Bonneville in Portuguese scenario. the perfect combination. ;)

  5. Roger Mayes says:

    does triumph build any models other than BONNEVILLE series ? I only see 3 shown online ..being a short person I like the America and had a speedmaster which I loved. ???

  6. Enzo Bamba says:

    ma si può fare nel 2016 una moto con telaio, sospensioni e freni del genere.
    io capisco l'aria vintage ma qui si sfiora l'idiozia.

  7. ken coble says:

    i would love to own a new T120, looks like a sweet ride

  8. Derek Jonez says:

    The air fins on the heads are not just there for looks they are still functional.  The air cooling allowed Triumph to use a smaller radiator.

  9. DaveCo777 says:

    that's a beautiful bike. What's the difference between the t120 and the t100? The t120 seems to be a couple thousand dollars more.

  10. Obed Atilano says:

    What background music do you use?

  11. James Franco says:

    I want one of these so bad! I live in the US and would rather spend my money on this over a Harley or Victory

  12. Shame Triumph are no longer manufactured in the UK.

  13. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!

  14. So normally I only make Youtube comments for morons who post utterly useless videos. This review was a rare treat, you showed us actual useful things, that others ignore.  Good technical information, excellent videography. Thank you.

  15. 2manysecrets says:

    Triumphs are for girls or smaller men..or boys. Sorry, but tis true…

  16. Arjuna says:

    is this bike non-awkard looking for a 6'0 person?

  17. zeke xone says:

    This is by far one of the best bike reviewing channel out there!!! keep up the great work!!! This is the benchmark of how a bike review should be.Comprehensive and detailed.

  18. rog5150 says:

    Got mine yesterday! 300miles so far. Initial thoughts running in <4000RPM (90mph in 6th). No vibration…. None! Mirrors clear ALL the time on a twin! Brakes very dull until 150miles now much better and totally fine but not super powerful front, rear still dull. Suspension feels heavily damped (I'm 95kg)and can be jarring on pot holes. Now either in getting used to it or its running in also!
    Comfort is fine and need to be because mine did 64mpg and 200 miles on the first tank. You can move around and even the olde trick of using the pillion pegs works well. Torque in road mode is deceptive. There's no frantic revs/lots of noise and it feels tame. Until you pass a car with a high gear roll on and it's like "did he brake"?
    Instruments are hard/impossible to see with the sun behind you. Pegs don't drag the way I ride…. Well only once on the roundabout side (UK). with weak ear plugs you can hear the motor all the time. To me it sounds great. Moving away is best. It pulls away and it seems like you don't add any revs almost like a auto – brilliant. Gearbox is great too with a nice snick into each gear. I have not missed one gear yet! Anyway. Sun's out…. Gotta go!

  19. Aron says:

    Exactly what I’ve been waiting for a long time!

  20. what are the advantages of the t120 over the street twin??

  21. lennardspit says:

    Drove one today, it is as good as claimed in the video!

  22. This is a "review"? Does it make any sense to read/watch reviews from media that depend on the consent (to get access to the bikes) and/or advertising revenue from the manufacturers themselves? Feels very dysfunctional to me. I don't feel like I kind trust any for-profit motorcycle review media. It's a greedy world… and it's getting worse…

  23. Just found out your channel, liking it, good review, nice camera angle. Have a thumb and another subscriber, cheers!

  24. Your photographer/videographer does an amazing job! Thanks.

  25. don't buy it. I don't like the looks and something about it lacks charm and character. I'll stick with my 2014 scrambler for now.

  26. is this suitable for a first bike? great review ☺

  27. Alex Tran says:

    Would this be a good first bike?

  28. Would you say this bike would be alright for beginners? I'm looking to start soon and have been eyeing the Bonneville for a couple of years now.

  29. Thanks! this video is awesome! The bike is lovely.

  30. The handle bars suck. But other than that the new bikes are great. Haven't seen the Thruxtons yet here in Austria. The Street Twin looks more clean compared to the T120. Like your videos. Well edited and they don't get boring.

  31. rog5150 says:

    That really is a very very good review, great video, great description, most of my questions answered and a nice delivery. How tall is the presenter? I'm 6ft and have the bike ordered, but I'm curious as to the 'fit'.

  32. awesome vid! what kind of camera do you guys use?

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