2016 Triumph Bonneville Line Revealed – MotoUSA

We head to London, England for Triumph’s unveiling of the ground-up redesign of its 2016 Bonneville platform. Check out the new 2016 Street Twin, 2016 …


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  1. Nassir sir says:

    And why isn't Triumph available in Saudi Arabia ?

  2. man i cant wait to get my hands on one of these

  3. RAY CECIL says:

    This is a proper side by side comparison. Thanks

  4. Awesome changes in the Bonneville lineup. Wondering where the women riders in Triumph's advertising??

  5. Alan Thomas says:

    US bikers have always had a "thing" about Triumph motorcycles!

  6. Jackal Fox says:

    I'm loving the new 2016 Triumph range, but I'm bitterly disappointed that they haven't done an all new Daytona 675R. It's the 675(R)'s 10th anniversary next year and they haven't even done anything. Very disappointed. But, they really need to get a new Super Sports machine, an all new model, 1000+cc, Inline-4 or maybe even a V4 and start competing in the 200bhp+ market.

  7. alf786 says:

    So want one of thruxtons

  8. 1950human says:

    Triumphs have totally lost their way, yes the refinement is amazing, power, gadgets traction control water cooling, LEDS la de da. But personally I would never buy a new imitation of the original Triumph Bonneville, now that they come with fake Carburettor bodies hiding fuel injectors, fake covers to give the illusion of a separate gearbox, and water cooling? what the hell?. I would prefer to spend the eight grand or so on a good restored original Bonneville than know that every time I look at it, its not the real thing, just an overweight modern lookalike that is toatlly souless. Yes, they have kept the name and are selling it on this ticket, and yes the original Bonnes leaked oil, smelt rotten, were quite anti-social etc, but they were the real macoy. Do yourself a favour, buy a professionally rebuilt Bonne and enjoy the real deal, warts and all, man up, don't pussy down with these modern fakes.

  9. HORNET6 says:

    Can you imagine riding that silver Thruxton R with the half fairing around the IoM? Heaven! But please, no ABS or traction control Nanny state bullshit. Save the weight and trust your throttle hand!

  10. Triumph is going to sell a lot of motorcycles in 2016. And one of those R's may be headed my way! What is all the hipster talk? What does that mean? I'm 59, like sport bikes but just not my thing. This looks like a retro café with modern power and handling, along with some attitude. Being a two time first gen V-Max owner this is very appealing, and different than what other people are riding.

  11. mishko01 says:

    There is no hiding the fugly radiator or the additional and complexities it brings, more torque!!! who cares? the simple air cooled engine should have been refined, and retained, period.

  12. Daniel Lux says:

    T120 silver and red, YES!!!!!

  13. malthus101 says:

    David Beckham ruined Triumph for me. Now I'll never buy one and will go the custom route instead…

    Everything that guy touches turns to shit.

  14. Lee Cox says:

    It's a shame that the original gas tank design from the 1960s could not have been captured. The new design has rounded the top of the tank far too much, making it look bulbous and ugly to the eye. I don't know about you, but the first thing I look at is the gas tank. If it's eye candy, it carries over to the rest of the bike; if it's ugly, the rest of the bike is infected.

  15. Sean Coyne says:

    I had two uncles who worked for Triumph, before they lost their jobs when the plant closed down in the early 70's…broke their hearts the way management refused to update the engines and take on Honda. They are both gone now, but they would be right chuffed to see Triumph rise from the ashes with such great bikes.

  16. Al Triego says:

    Any opinions on the ride by wire throttle? Not sure if I like the idea…

  17. Alberto Knox says:

    Am I the only one a little uncomfortable with this level of pandering to the hipsters?

    Full disclosure, I do have a '13 Thruxton in the garage.

  18. earthstick says:

    My cousin still has the last generation of Bonneville. He has kept it thinking that one day it will be sort after as a classic. If Triumph are making a new generation what effect do people think this will have on the value of the previous generation? Will it spark up interest perhaps?

  19. Alejandro says:

    Well they look nice but lets hope theyre wieght is around 185kg and power around 100bhp because the older models are heavy and not too much power without some upgrades.

  20. its nice to see that England still makes amazing things the world want.I am sure they use engines not mills

  21. LoudValves says:


  22. Wayne Weck says:

    is the America still going to be around?

  23. chaba49 says:

    Look at that ugly radiator on the front of the bike Good Night Triumph

  24. found it!!! Finally found my next bike !!!

  25. Gregory Doan says:

    The 1000cc would be nice with up pipes

  26. Studio Seven says:

    88 ft. lbs. of torque @ 4650 on the Thruxton…

    Alright, how much does she weigh?

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