50 Comments to “2015 Scout Product Overview – Indian Motorcycle”

  1. Jon D says:

    the only way this commercial could be better is by including the rumble of the engine.

  2. karl Tempest says:

    Ugliest bike to come from a once classic Motorcycle company..

  3. There is something that Polaris does not understand about seat angle and spine alignment . I have had four back operations and I can tell you that no one can see how the lines of the tank flow into the seat but after a while they can feel it .

  4. 300zxdriver says:

    Needs med controls on it.

  5. dingorider82 says:

    +Indian Motorcycle, i would buy one like many others if you just put some real good all season tyres (in wet or rainy condition's you are all over the place) ,better suspension (not to be needed upgrade for about 1000k), quality handle bars (because you holding on them hundred of miles),metal or nice black aluminium instead of the bouncy plastic turn signals ,and (common ,single brake disc)? ,definitely two front brake discs if not abs because is 2016 and the competition is huge…spirit caries on…Live long ride safe.!!!

  6. spacemonkey says:

    I'm thinking of getting an Indian Scout. I really like the retro looks. My grandfather had an Indian motorcycle from the 1940's. Can't remember if his was a scout or another model but I remember walking by it sometimes in his garage when we came to visit our grandparents. It was red with the signature indian decals on the sides of the gas tank. Wish I could have bought it from my grandmother at the time. She sold my grandfathers Indian motorcycle shortly after he died. Indian Motorcycles are underrated for sure. I see more Harleys on the road than Indians.

  7. Firstk Lastp says:

    Ugly ,water cooled ,crap handle bars ,no thanks

  8. Why is an American motorcycle company named Indian?

  9. I'm interested in two Indian Scout Motorcycle. I Find The Grey With Tan Seat To Be my favorite.

  10. fisken says:

    Я парень, который будет воровать ваш велосипед!

  11. jay suka says:

    wow see the whole back is shaking

  12. Dragan M says:

    I have driven the scout yet, but did ride the chief and it was impressive. I went home on my slightly modified 2009 Harley Davidson Night Train, sorry Indian but my Harley was more exciting to ride and thrilled me more. I will try the Indian Scout next year. Ride safe.

  13. Vão vender elas aqui no Brasil?

  14. Should have a big headlight.

  15. Martin U says:

    I love the it doesn't have an "Indian" soul comment. I rode on for 4 days in the mountains above LA. This bike lives up to and exceeds everything I thought I would like about a cruiser. It truly is a "scout" motorcycle that amazed me as a crotch rocket rider. I'm sorry but after riding this, I have no desire to ride a Harley anymore.

  16. and also agree with what I just read most people under 35 can't afford a big bike I mean most are trying to get a settle home get loans paid off etc

  17. I'm 25 and ride a 03 883 sportster 100th anniversary edition personally if I ever got a new one this would be it its vintage looking something I'm into not to much power just enough I love my sporty for the fact it looks like an old school ilove this Indian being portrayed i personally do not like super bikes because that s the main ones people get ignorant on and get hurt stick with the crusier

  18. This would be bad ass in OD Green

  19. not available in Brazil, it's a shame.

  20. Bataqo44 says:

    musculosa, poderosa, imponente y gloriosa! No existen palabras para describirla! algún día seré rico y tendré esa motocicleta lml

  21. Harley have been around since 1903, Indian went bankrupt and shut its doors in 2003, only to come back in 2006. I would never buy from this company, they might just shut their doors again. When was the last time you seen an Indian on the road?….hell, that's almost as rare as seeing the Native Americans Indians.

  22. Everyone's complaining these are Harley look alikes. Maybe that's true to an extent, but the scout costs $20,000 less than a Harley, so I'd like to think this is a bike for people who don't have an extensive budget! If they create an older style scout, it'll cost more, and I think they want to turn profit quickly. Maybe they should do a line of both older and newer style bikes.

  23. 2011k1500 says:

    Harley loyalists should hope Polaris makes a go of this…unless they are worried Indian will run them of business (doubtful). Some serious competition will incentivize Harley to make a better bike at a better price. It's a win for riders of all bikes. As for the Scout, I'd like to give it a ride. I've never owned a liquid cooled bike in thirty years of ridiing. It's great to see a company out there investing in motorcycling. It's all good.

  24. Runeguy33 says:

    How about a 250cc? The honda rebel is going to be discontinued. Small displacement bikes will let you push to global sales. After all, Harley's "too good" to make small bikes….

  25. bza069 says:

    the 1930 era INDIAN SCOUTS are my all time favorite motorcycles hands down….  i can't talk about the specs & performance of this new version as they may be outstanding, but the design is HIDEOUS !   looks like a kawasaki…  Wish someone else designed this to make an accurate reproduction rather than a modern turd. 

  26. mstone05 says:

    I went to your site to build a scout but it did not have a single spring seat or straight bars available. Also are the colors on the site the only ones available? This bike could be cool but the current single seat looks terrible and detracts from the bike. Seems like a really simple change could really make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

  27. rysammy says:

    Indian is no better than Harley as a company. They both make me sick to the core by putting an American icon name on foreign made clothing, accessories and other gear. Indian and Harley's foreign made accessory products are costing them bike sales. I personally know of ten bikes Indian could have sold after we walked away from Harley. They say American this and American that. Why should we support an American company that in turn does not support American companies. I ride vintage Harleys and love then. I could care less if either of the two companies folds! This also applies to any American company that uses a foreign labor force for that matter! Wake up people!

  28. I'm just getting started into the bike business of buying and selling bikes, parts, customization, etc. although I've been riding bikes for over 30 years! I was stoked when I heard about the return of the Indian Chief by Polaris and I loved the looks of the new Chiefs, and when I heard the news that Indian would be bringing the Scout back I had to find out more! I love the performance of the bike but… I hate the looks of it, especially the engine!!! I can live with the chassis and the tank and fenders, etc. but that engine is just so f'ing ugly to me! I really was hoping that Indian was going to introduce the 111 Thunderstroke engine in a smaller, lighter, better handling chassis and call it a Scout!
    As someone who has studied the styling and aesthetics of bikes especially Harley-Davidsons and British Cafe Racers for most of my life! I want to be able to customize bike like this Scout and make some unique custom bikes based on it but I don't really know what could be done to this engine to make it look better, other than making some sort of covers to hide it under! I think the 111 Thunderstroke engine is a beautiful engine and I could put that engine on my coffee table in my man-cave and stare at it all day long like a work of art! But not this new Scout engine, it may have power but the looks are killing it for me! I think the Harley Sportster 1200 may lack in power compared to the Scouts but they definitely look better in my opinion! Just my personal opinion don't take it to heart but if anyone else feels the same way I do please comment!

  29. Joe Guzman says:

    I want to see a Indian 4 like the old ones from the 1930s

  30. Joe Guzman says:

    Why can indian make the little ones like the chief the motor head looks terrible 

  31. waitpu4 says:

    Why do these types of bike cheap out having a single disc on the front end. As soon as I see that I just think, cheap bastards that don't really care about your customers safety. 

  32. austin73 says:

    Looks good!  Sturges Indian is giving away a bike, a truck, and a trailer: http://virl.io/ZsSRPtt

  33. Al GESBREK says:

    1200 cc and only 570. Ibs. Whow.GOT TO GRT ONE!!!

  34. Steve Cea says:

    It may say Indian on the fuel tanks , but these bikes are not Indians . The real Indian died many years ago . These bikes might look somewhat reminiscent of bikes past . But they just don't and never will have the Indian soul !! Nice try Polaris but sorry to say , epic failure !! 

  35. Please Indian. Make the next Indian a super bike! Push American bikes beyond the 21st century. I am 53 years old and I will buy an Indian, but I can see the writing on the wall. Less that 15% of H D riders are under 35 years old. Please do not take Indian down that path. Push it forward. Push the design beyond the cruiser limits. Make the next Indian compete in the MotoGP! America does not need another couch on wheels. Indian is better than that. You already have a great engine. Now blow the walls off HD with a super bike and get it into the Moto GP! Just think; Indian – the worlds fastest in 2018. Indian logo seen around the world in the world's biggest Motorcycle racing event. HD is a sleeping giant that has no clue to what riders 18-34 want. Do not get in bed with them.

  36. I really wish Indian would take the lead and produce an American made super bike. This is a market segment that HD has continued to ignore. Super bikes really set the bar in motorcycle design. As much as I love Indian bikes, they will not attract young riders and the only thing HD can do is put their logo on a super bike racer and buy out a small super bike company. Why is it that the mass produced super bikes all come from international companies? Yes, America makes great cruisers, but we can not compete in the super bike arena!

  37. This is not really an Indian. They no longer exist as we all know. Instead, this is a Polaris with two wheels. And I just love that stupid pitch about 'having only one oil to change'.. Ha! I laughed at that sales pitch!! Why? Because unlike a Harley, which has three fluids; Engine oil, Trans oil, and Primary drive oil (a very good set-up, just like a car or truck for example),  this new "indian" has only one, just like a Japanese bike.. One oil for all systems is NOT a good thing people!! Hello!! This means you have dirty engine oil circulating in your transmission and primary drive, AND, you have dirty clutch particles and other particulates from the trans circulating through the engine itself. That is a very, very bad thing and WILL wear the engine out much sooner.  But who cares, right? As long as they sell bikes! And of course that remains to be seen..
        Also, there is a blatant lie in the video: He says the frame is designed around a triangle, but they show a rhombus.? I think he said triangle, didn't he? And who cares anyway? These sales pitches are just such a  load of crap!

  38. Just saw this bike on Fox business report this morning. Looks like a really good bike with the exception of the battery box area. If Indian was going to use plastic in that area, perhaps they should have used that plastic-chrome look. Also this bike look too small for my 6'-3" frame.

  39. Kira Birkett says:

    I don't know but I just think is ugly….

  40. Its not great its AMAZING! Love it and will get myself one some day! 

  41. PeterDad60 says:

    I will pass, only because I do not like paying mechanics $400-$500 to adjust overhead cam valves. I do not have the tools. However H-D has no maintenance hydraulic valve's which makes the Sportster a better choice.

  42. Paganias says:

    Hurra Sie ist zurück—– Wenn du deine Träume nicht in Tat umsetzt, kannst du auch ein Stück Gemüse sein —-
    Stammt nicht von mir, trifft aber den Punkt.
    Coole Maschine, Sie wird sich den ersten Platz wieder zurück erobert. 

  43. Nice motorcycle. However, living in Grants Pass, Oregon, with it's massive subterranean facility utilizing synthetic telepathic.neuro-impulse weaponry and targeting any dissidents or critics to their satanic mechanisms a motorcycle is ill-advised.

  44. paul1991 says:

    A lot of negativity. Not sure how they ride but I love the look! 

  45. Valdir Silva says:

    Quando vira para o Brasil?

  46. brave fencer says:

    nothing here but disappointment. a sportster would give this pos a run for the money.absolute trash.fuck polaris for making this garbage and putting the indian name on it.

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