2015 Motorcycle Riding Jeans Buyers Guide at RevZilla.com

2015 Motorcycle Riding Jeans Buyers Guide …


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  1. You look exactly like dom mazzetti

  2. Which ones are made in the USA?

  3. Mark Anders says:

    thanks so much, a great help

  4. Mark Anders says:

    live in thailand looking for textile trousers that unzip at the knee so if I stop for an hour I can unzip and turn them into a pair of shorts is this available?

  5. Ryan W. says:

    What do you think about the Resurgence Gear PEKEV Jeans?

  6. Play the intro at half speed….Anthony sounds wasted lmao

  7. memoktc says:

    Curious question..I ride an FZ06 and it gets quite hot near the tank and leg area with temperatures hovering aroung 90-101degrees..Basically cooking my balls and cooking my shins and thighs…any suggestions to reduce these problems. Not sure whether wearing proper pants helps because i just wear denim and jeans.

  8. Ben Cannon says:

    For those of us with poor hearing. Could you slow a bit dude??!! Sheesh

  9. Jake S says:

    "Hey thisisantdwufkjwrfjwirfrREVzluzwiwudTV" every intro by this dude.

  10. Will this burn with open pipes bike? I have a vrod with 2 into 1 Vance and Hines competition pipe. Regular jeans get very hot and sometimes it will burn. I need something that can withstand the heat.

  11. ronenfe says:

    Which pants have pockets for knee pads that actually positioned in the right position?

  12. Is the Alpinestars Charlie too skinny? I'm 5ft7in and I have a 22,5in thigh; I'm never sure if jeans branded as skinny are really skinny or just a slim fit. I prefer a slim fit on my riding jeans but I don't want to look like I'm wearing leggings. Thanks.

  13. gizeright says:

    I love All of Anthony's 'Gear Guides"!!! What happened to to this one…It seems that you Guy's went back to "Old School" with this one…Mostly Cotton denim, Seams, and Kevlar?? I was looking for more of a "High tech" jeans with Coolmax or cordura infused like the Rev'it ,Scorpion covert Pro, or even the Klim K 50. Are these Bad choices vs your new 2015 "Jeans buyers guide"??

  14. Son Le says:

    Are their riding suits

  15. You mention hemming the bottoms of the pants, and that's not too difficult. However, knee placement would be just as, or perhaps even more important. Are there adjustments for height of the knee armor, or can a tailor adjust that as well?

  16. RevZilla says:

    +Eugene Flores The included knee armor and Kevlar reinforcement at the seat and knees make the Dogs of War Pants a great option for commuting and casual riding, especially in LA weather. -DrewZilla

  17. +RevZilla
    What do you guys think of the S&S "DoW" cargo pants as a cummuter jean? I only ride about 10-14miles to work

    (I currently ride a ktm duke 390, i am 5'4" size 34 jeans in nice l.a. c.a. weather)

  18. Are any of the riding jeans waterproof with breathable membrane?

  19. Stevo Reno says:

    BLOPPERS  want to see Your outtakes  'winks'

  20. I've got the Rokker Revolution. Couldn't recommend them more. Those pants are even more comfortable than some normal jeans I have

  21. These product review videos are very helpful. Very well done. I like the link to the website with the product group being reviewed. 
    I would like to see the model get on and off the bike to see the product in action.

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