2013 Triumph Street Triple R 675cc SOLD!! Brand New Bike For Ricky Boy. Motorcycle VLOG

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34 Comments to “2013 Triumph Street Triple R 675cc SOLD!! Brand New Bike For Ricky Boy. Motorcycle VLOG”

  1. Fun to see the purchase experience, does he still have the bike and how's he liking it? Just got mine a month ago and I love it so much, couldn't ask for a perfect next bike for me. 

  2. how tall are you man? i´m thinking about this machine but i ´m too low.

  3. yere128 says:

    That feel……. when you ride your new owned bike for the first time.

  4. Alan Thomas says:

    this review: anyone get to ride the bike? or maybe just talk about it!

  5. R bizzle says:

    did u get anything free in the deal? did u try to negotiate a lower price?

  6. shadowphl says:

    Copy that brother! I actually have not driven a bike here in Ca, too scared with the speed here, too fast for me! Don't get me wrong, I grew up on a motorcycle back in the phl, but it had always been dirt/ dual sport bike and never a high performance "nekkid" like yours!.

    Your video on this particular bike, makes me wanna ride again! kudos to you for living the dream Ricky boy!

  7. rdlyonheart says:

    Its comparable to japanese according to dealer, but the valve adjustment happen every 12k miles compare to 24k for japanese and every 7k for ducati. So it's not that expensive specially if you're a week end rider like me, I dont put so many miles on my bike so it will take some times to do those expensive maintenance. Now if you will commute with it you're better off with a japanese bike.

  8. shadowphl says:

    honest question bro, what is the cost of maintenance of a bike like this? comparable to japanese bikes, more expensive? thank you.

  9. Do they sell headlight kits? Because gosh dang the headlights man, my only issue.

  10. Mike says:

    lol yeah.. kickstand pivot.

  11. limin dev says:

    All I want to say is that Ricky boy you are one hell of a lucky guy to own a BEAUTIFUL bike like this , good luck and enjoy your ride .bye

  12. yes u can do that with the kick stand..

  13. Wtf??? Around 4:00 it looks like a guy picks up his r1???

  14. alright thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. gwwayner says:

    The Triumph Street Triple is the perfect size for smaller guys like me. My graphite 2010 STR with QuickShifter and titanium DanMoto GP exhaust works and sounds really awesome when the revs get up (earplugs definitely required!). The powerband is very strong for a 675 and pulls hard from low revs to redline; often there is no need to thrash the transmission to go fast or pass a car. Handling is sublime. Definitely a danger to your driver's license!

  16. Greg S says:

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO BUY THIS SUMMER SAme Color too god damnnn cant wait……..

  17. hahaha! maybe 5'7" new nick name titi toe ricky, LOL!

  18. thank you 🙂 i hope so too 🙂

  19. spacep0d says:

    I know man, LOL. Hopefully you get to ride it once he's had some miles on it. 😀 The video is great!

  20. oh that's nice.. some comfort ride 🙂

  21. yes he's the one.. but he left the r1 to this dealer..

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