2013 Supersport Track Shootout: 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R

The Daytona 675R re-tooled its middleweight platform. Does the reigning Supersport champ have what it takes to stay on top? Click to Read the 2013 …


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21 Comments to “2013 Supersport Track Shootout: 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R”

  1. I watch these videos mainly to see Adams hair evolve.

  2. I rode my friends daytona. Not sure if he fitted any aftermarket rearsets or not but honestly it felt so cramped. But I enjoyed the power of the bike and especially the quickshifter.

  3. Damian Ramis says:

    The best supersport you can buy nowadays.

  4. I ride mine on regular roads and love it, she's fast in and out the corners, great handling around traffic, great ride as comfort even on bumpy roads handles very well. oh and she is quick, like balls to the wall c ya kind of quick. better hang on tight when rapping through the gears with the air shifter. but really cant wait to see what she does on a track. 1002 miles and counting..

  5. I love the fact this bike has an ACTUAL fuel gauge, other than the Honda I don't think any of the other bikes have one. I think they focus these tests too much on the track, the majority of people don't take these bikes on the track. They need to focus these tests on real world usage on the road and as a commuter bike.

  6. Why are middleweight odd balls in the mix? That doesn't make sense.

  7. Jen Ross is abscessed with ergonomics

  8. They're experts though. They are paid to give opinions b/c they are good and respected.

  9. sublime14j says:

    Actually I steer the bike with no hands 30% of my time on the city roads. I split traffic with less than a foot on either side coming up to a red light without using my hands or arms. In order to move your skill to a higher level you have to have such precision you can steer with anything I even practice using the tip of my finger when down in a turn for countersteering precision. this bike is sick Ive put 3500 good miles on it so far.

  10. Apidium says:

    Not me. In fact I don't care a great deal what any so-called bike reviewer says, since it's all down to the individual and personal opinion.

  11. crazydavemma says:

    who cares what this chick thinks

  12. adamutuber says:

    With moving your upper body and by being able to grip your thighs around the tank solidly, the body movement is more precise.

  13. joblo1978 says:

    How does one steer a bike with their legs?

  14. Truimph is still a Triumph in my book.

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