47 Comments to “1966 Harley-Davidson Chopper: Born Free 6 Invited Builder Caleb Owens”

  1. True chopper style. Amazing bike­čĹŹ´╗┐

  2. No speedo? How's that legal?´╗┐

  3. That Howard Hughs story was cool as shit man, I love that kind of stuff, and a good story. The bikes amazing, a lot of love in it, I can tell. I hope I get another bike soon. I feel like if I don't get on a motorcycle again sometime soon I'm gunna die.´╗┐

  4. ZIPPER978 says:

    No front brake that's suicide´╗┐

  5. Nice man.Choppers are visually nice but i prefer a bobber.More meat on the street.Handling,breaking everything is better.´╗┐

  6. Thank you! Every time I say "Jokey Shifter" people look at me like I have 3 heads and say "oh. you mean Suicide Shifter?" I say "No if I meant Suicide Shifter I would have said that!"´╗┐

  7. "Duck Bill…" You are fucking badass & so is your bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  8. CDR1969 says:

    That was very interesting…cool walk-around of his chopper with all the personal touches.´╗┐

  9. 2manysecrets says:

    Wonderful video.
    Yeah, well not me.A rigid will destroy your back…I've met riders who have all had back surgery in later life as a result of years of riding a rigid.
    Yes, I hear too, "closer to the road" "feel the road"…not me bub…I tried it, hit a bump ONCE and felt my vertebrae jar against the other…i thought internally…oooohhh…no more…the spine is not something to mess with.

    Wonderful to see someone riding a shovel these days..last true HD motor imho. LOVE that sound of that motor..such a solid, not overdone, hard, punch punch punch..very healthy and strong.
    I ride a '74 FLH … give me the pogo seat any day..and I am not a fat old man.
    Be well…and thanks again. Really enjoyed.´╗┐

  10. Joe Moe says:

    Thanks for sharing the insight to ya RIDE!´╗┐

  11. nice bike fucking beauty´╗┐

  12. Harry Hagan says:

    awesome video! choppers definitely rule!´╗┐

  13. Justin W says:

    the magneto ground clamp is genius chopperneering´╗┐

  14. Stupid question. How do you ride with a suicide clutch and no front brake? If you have to quick stop what do you do?

    Love the bike Love the story!´╗┐

  15. LC Smith says:

    Just like "Sam is tellin' ya on his scoot…ya don't like this shit; fuck off.´╗┐

  16. C Berg says:

    Anybody have a guess at what length that front end is and what the rake angle is?´╗┐

  17. What a beauty! I would love to have one like that for myself but I'm in Florida, no one here doesn't custom work.´╗┐

  18. IK MK47 says:

    cant get enough with this´╗┐

  19. Con Queso says:

    That must be┬áone hell of a juggling┬átrick when you're stopped at a traffic light, facing┬áuphill, with a foot clutch and no front brake…Beautiful bike.´╗┐

  20. The shot of you and the bike in the canyon is at the Monument in western Colorado. Fruita to be exact.´╗┐

  21. 67Doorsfan says:

    It sounds like there are baffles in the exhuast that are not opened up enough.Kind of sounds" tinny".The art work is fantastic.´╗┐

  22. Chinolyn says:

    I liked the sound of this machine, is special …´╗┐

  23. M. Black says:

    I wrecked mine last year and miss it every day. Frame cracked at 50mph at the neck. Wild ride. lol. Starting all over.´╗┐

  24. Josh Smitty says:

    I love all the special stories that go along with the build of this bike, made it very interesting to watch and gives me a couple of ideas on my next project. Great rider/builder review!´╗┐

  25. John Ratko says:

    I know that "sweet spot" well. And nice scooter, btw. Incredible color pencil work. Never seen that done before.´╗┐

  26. Wimbo says:

    Sweet Chopper and Great Video Caleb.
    Thanks mate.´╗┐

  27. Fuck ya the only way to go hardtail with a jockey shift foot clutch no feeling like it been doing 30 years !!!!´╗┐

  28. That's my favorite motorsickle video I have seen on youtube, even better than my own, lol. Awesome chopper and story.´╗┐

  29. jee haa makes ja wana do the Yankydooleldandy mannn Far out ;-)´╗┐

  30. dabprod says:

    That's the real deal right there. No flash, nothing fancy, just cool to the bone. Old school shit, one of a kind……that's what I like. I started riding in 1958,and still at it.┬á Thanks for posting man.´╗┐

  31. Greg Devaney says:

    This is a great bike. Does anyone know why he added the Morris Magneto? Doesn't that motor have a generator already? Just trying to learn more about this stuff´╗┐

  32. this is gotta be the nicest bike ive seen on all these vids..´╗┐

  33. damn i want a chopper so badly´╗┐

  34. Rhys Moreton says:

    That's a BEAUTIFUL bike´╗┐

  35. dullbrass says:

    Gosh this thing is so clean, it hurts.´╗┐

  36. Trinity says:

    Oh yeah well FUCK UP TOO cernal sander´╗┐

  37. Wow, foot clutch no front brake from Cali. to Sturgis!!! That takes some skill´╗┐

  38. 88thetruth88 says:

    one of the coolest bikes ive ever seeen´╗┐

  39. I'm in love with this bike.´╗┐

  40. That looks fuckin' cool.´╗┐

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