12 Year Old Builds Mini Chopper

12 Year Old Builder, Jesse Lawless, handled the entire build for this Mini Chopper, The Gremlin! He handled the design, fabrication, welding, plasma cutting, …


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21 Comments to “12 Year Old Builds Mini Chopper”

  1. I wish I could build and ride this legally outside….. :(

  2. Omg this is really good boy!!!! Respect!!!!

  3. Orian Hunter says:

    I rebuild a mini chopper and I'm 10

  4. NIИE says:

    This is the kind of badass youth we need. Resourceful, creative and just plain ballsy.

  5. wait, is the gas tank connected to anything? theres another gas tank on the engine and i dont see any fuel line from the cool looking one

  6. Major Luck says:


  7. where can i get that back tire

  8. Sooo i guessing how this all came together a pretty rich kid gets all the shit he needs to build it from his parents (engines are not cheap), and a relative/friend gave him pretty much how to instructions and he built it like a Lego set. but hey looks good sooo … yeah

  9. Dewed G says:

    Well done … he's got a future ahead of him for sure.

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  11. fuck the plp hating on this badass bike man I bet plp hating dont have a bike like that so screw them keep up the good work and love the jagged look on the fender

  12. I cant afford even half these tools lol.

  13. tyrell polak says:

    nice job man,.,tekeng rustig

  14. motoboy 27 says:

    wonder if he would sell it

  15. This kid is so lucky im trying to build a go kart but he just wont help me
    Yep my dad sucks ASS

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