WRR14: Riding the Triumph Bonneville

http://blog.compacc.com/2013/09/wrr14-riding-the-triumph-bonneville/ Triumph has produced some of the most iconic motorcycles in history. The first Triumph …


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  1. tmr626 says:

    My first bike was a right shifted Triumph Tiger 100 in '67 when I was only 16 years old. Today, it seems it was the best year of my life. Too bad Triumph doesn't offer the factory option of a left or right shifted bike. Lastly, for any of you guy's who wish to upgrade your exhaust system, you might want to check out the megaphones from Gasser Customs. They have some great sounding pipes and accessories for you café riders.

  2. Jeff Gibson says:

    Buy a brand-new model and it will depreciate like a Chevrolet. For the same money you could buy a fully-restored classic from the late 60's and it will never depreciate. Anyway, that's my opinion.

  3. What a beautiful note the Bonneville produces. Give it the beans!

  4. It's John Bloor, as in 'floor'. Hi, I liked your review and video. I actually live in Hinckley where the Triumph factory is situated and I have a 2014 Triumph Bonneville, which I love. But I just wanted to point out John Bloor's name. Thanks.

  5. Aidan Clark says:

    awetome it looks like. important bruise what's your opinion aboyt !

  6. Keewee says:

    Best review of this bike on the net! Well researched, informative and interesting. Thanks for posting.

  7. pondyrock says:

    Yours is made in Thailand.

  8. sounds great. what pipes have you got on it?

  9. Jake Ramos says:

    Really enjoyed your video, it made me happy. I got sad when your video ended…..

  10. yankee4649ne says:

    I bought MY 2014 T100 in April 2015 and have run about 800 km so far. Let me give a personal review on this model for your reference.
    ・The just size for me→Japan made 1300  class, including CB, XJR or  ZRX, are little over spec under traffic condition in Japan.
    ・Not as heavy as the spec of 230 kg,→ thanks to low center of gravity.
    ・Excellent highway stability→thanks to low center of gravity.
    ・No  uncomfortable vibration within the legal speed limit or little over. 
    ・TImeless classic styling. Never gets you bored.
    ・Low seat height (775mm) . I am 177cm (5'9"1/2) tall and easily bottom 
        both of my feet. It seems if you are taller than 160cm(5'3"), you will feel secure bottoming your feet.
    ・Hefty price tag in Japan (1.31 million yen including 8% of consumption tax)(about $9200 in USA)
    ・Lack of reliability.I left the ignition off for 2 weeks and found the battery dead. I used warranty coverage but such problems never happened thru my previous ownership (ever owned 4 major Japanese manufacturers, total 7 bikes)
    ・High engine revs during highway cruising. Hope it should introduce 6 speed transmission
    ・High price on genuine parts. Not enough aftermarket options available.
    ・Poor fuel consumption,→It covers only 16 to 18 Km/L. My friend owns W650 and it  covers almost 30 km/L. 
    ・It needs many keys to operate.I always carry 5 different keys.  (Ignition, Steering lock Optional windshield, Optional seat opener and  Optional fuel opener) Should be organized in 1.
    ・Too hot engine.

  11. Chris Evans says:

    Thanks for the video. Very thorough and informative. 

  12. sam3d says:

    Great Review.
    I have a 2010 SE, many upgrades, great head turner.

  13. Jordan Mieth says:

    I love it! I will be getting a boneville in July and I'm super excited! I'm going for be T100 Black. Such a sick bike and I can't wait to ride it.

  14. ♥ I just fell in love with the Bonneville ♥ … just i would make i few changes, like Exhaust and handlebars from Thruxton and maybe some more things :)

  15. Have you ever tested the Triumph America LT?

  16. it looks much more like a Bonneville T100 than a basic Bonneville, am I wrong?

  17. Man watching this I think this is going to have to be a purchase! Awesome video.

  18. Thomas Weiss says:

    Thanks for the video, I have 84k on my '03 Bonneville. I'm curious how you've defeated the wind noise on your helmet cam?? Wind noise has been a big problem for me..

  19. ThePeterasd says:

    beautiful video . which camera used ? seems to be the population of motorbikes are pretty low in your area…..

  20. rick jeren says:

    reuben — what type of pipes are on it?  thanks, rj in ohio

  21. Al GESBREK says:


  22. Sir Dude says:

    I agree about the people commenting thing. I noticed last riding season (it's winter here now, bikes in storage…) that MANY Harley Davidson riders came up and wanted to talk to me for extended periods of time about my 2004 Triumph America. They would ask about the horsepower and where I bought it if I like the suspension etc, etc. People always show interest in Triumph. I think it's mainly because they've always kept that old style which I truly love and obviously others do as well. The motor is very nice sounding and no matter what Triumph you have they are very slick and impressive looking. 

    I'm not a huge attention seeker so at first it was a bit withdrawing to have so many people commenting on my bike. Also the guy I bought the bike from was 50 years old and only put 2k miles on it. It literally had the factory stickers on the mirrors still…… I've put 20k miles on it and it still looks like it came out of the show room floor. I regularly polish and wax my bike as well as keep my chrome clean and rims & wheels spotless.

    Out of the 6 motorcycles I've owned excluding 2 scooters (mopeds) when I was a young teenager this has been my favorite bike.

    @ henri fanthome

    I agree with you about the fake carbs with fuel injectors inside being kinda cheesy. But the truth is triumph obviously wants 'the look' of the bike to stay the same. So I'm not completely against it. Although I don't see myself riding an EFI bike anytime soon. I prefer a carbed engine.

  23. the EFI looking like Carbs is the only thing i have  HUGE problem with, its a tacky move. Everytime i think about it, its kind of not nice! Would make me think when i finally have the money to buy one!

  24. DoctorMindo says:

    How tall are you?  Just wondering because you said you can flat foot on this bike.  

  25. Hey Rubén, any chance you can your hands on a 2014/15 Thruxton?

  26. DontPanic42 says:

    Great vid!    PLEASE review the Honda CB1100

  27. DeathstalkeR says:

    Neat review! How would you compare a thruxton from a bonneville base on performance and comfort?

  28. Rory Blaney says:

    I really enjoyed your commentary and the ride,I have just bought a 
    2009 model after 30 years of none biking.

  29. Saw Fort Mill and Rock Hill signs. You're local to me!

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