Wooden Motorbike: Man Builds His Dream Chopper Out Of Wood

Wooden Motorbike: Man Builds His Dream Chopper Out Of Wood SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A HUNGARIAN man has taken the term “chopper” all too …


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29 Comments to “Wooden Motorbike: Man Builds His Dream Chopper Out Of Wood”

  1. Great success! is verrryy nice!!! I like you!!! me sister is number 1 prostetute.

  2. peter H says:

    Damn, that's freaking beautiful!

  3. Sharcs says:

    Admit it, you'd move to that shitty village of Tiszaörs just to hook up with the ass on 1:06

  4. David Hill says:

    he chopped himself a chopper ..

  5. I don't know why, but this shit's gonna give me nightmares. This is fucked up.

  6. BIRDS CS:GO says:

    Gay and embarassing Voice 

  7. Lion Gang says:

    that motorcycle is cool, i bet he would earn a lot of money if he sells that.

  8. annie46664 says:

    AMAZING!!! I hope he gets to see all the positive comments, because he so deserves to be commended for his incredible craftsmanship. WOW!
    That would be far more suitable in a HOT climate, and could then be ridden all year round without freezing to death during winter months in Europe. 
    ~South Africa~ xox 

  9. Jeremy K says:

    I bet this mofo could get 6 figures for it easily from the right crowd or rich fucks that got nothing but money and material longing. Tens of thousands is a definite for other blokes.

  10. I would buy the fat ass girl, how much?

  11. Red Rebel says:

    Awwwe i find this cute. When i was a kid, i thought of building a bike out of wooden materials. Yet it.was a silly dream

  12. CLASSICDUH says:

    Very good job! That is some beautiful work.

  13. if i was this dude i would auction that beauty and live off that money for the rest of my life.

  14. Random me says:

    Real nice wood work, but the finish is'nt… professionnal. Properly stained and varnished, it would enhence his wood works and its value. Pine is a good wood to sculpt, but it'snt the most solid and durable kind of wood… so if its bike still holding together, it mean that he did a great job.

  15. The reason I love stretchy pants @ 1:06 … aye chi wawa lol

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