Why I Hate Harley Davidson

Riding around, watching idiots do their thing. Which obviously isn’t driving well. Haha. A short compilation of bad drivers and things that amused me.

THE TRUTH ABOUT HARLEY: https://youtu.be/2YMwwYHOiHg

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50 Comments to “Why I Hate Harley Davidson”

  1. Wise Wizard says:

    3 of my uncles ride Harley's and I'm planning on riding one too I love your vids but this you hate Harley thing is bullshit yea one guy could be an asshole but just that one guy makes you hate a brand dang you have no I idea how many assholes I've seen on supermotos stunt bikes and sport bike your hating Harley shit is shit so get a life

  2. Nick V says:

    yeah what he said get a real bike

  3. Nick V says:

    yeah what he said get a real bike

  4. Chheng Kong says:

    LMAO!!!! Talks so much shit about other drivers, but only from a safe distance… Then gets cut off by a Harley and doesn't say SHIT to the other driver……. You are a BITCH… No wonder he looked in your direction before he did it…

  5. Uncle Jane says:

    I've seen idiots on sportsbikes do the same thing. Do you hate all sportsbike riders too?

  6. Amazing someone hasn't kicked your ass yet….

  7. Nope Nope says:

    Lol triggered Harley bikers

  8. DevilCruz13 says:

    Im a diehard Harley rider and I would've laughed my ass off at that guy trying to show off with all that unnecessary throttle. Cutting into a closed lane….PRICELESS. Only thing better is if he had clipped one of those cones lmao

  9. Maybe i should make a video about why i fucking hate you for hating Harleys

  10. I cant belive That I just spent 6min of my time on this fucking idiot…..

  11. the Harley driver did the right thing domy, you heat Harley because you are not a real rider Looool

  12. The maker of this video is a real scumbag. Fuck off

  13. Actually studies show thag lane splitting is less dangerous than sitting in traffic.

  14. First time hearing "douche flute." Greatest thing ever!! Thanks!

  15. Craig Beccue says:

    You go to hell, grasshopper😂

  16. Seth O'Neal says:

    You're a fucking douche. I ride a motorcycle every day. You're not entitled to shit. That's the nature of the beast. People don't look for you. Accept it. No indicator or nothing. People don't respect you because you act like an entitled pussy. Hit a steel pole at 80 mph please.

  17. Khan says:

    Why do you hate a REAL bike?

  18. DustyMorals says:

    OMG you almost hit that blue Mazda! Don't you know how to look ahead??? OMG you are so dangerous and all that!

  19. Adam berhoe says:

    Thank god cops in my area aren't as good as this guy. I'd probs get pulled over everyday

  20. Edward smith says:

    YES, I do not hate 'Harley's I hate the SELF RIGHTEOUS PRICKS WHO RIDE THEM

  21. Peter Q says:

    I will make a video entitled " Why I hate people that constantly complain" and snowcat can be the star!

  22. I just plain and simple dont like Harleys, Choppers, cruiser in general. Except a rare few that I think look nice. I mainly just think 80% of them are ugly as hell.

  23. If you would show a little respect you would get respect !

  24. don't worry about being racist i do a little worse i do black, redneck and Chinese so don't feel bad. have a great day

  25. Ant Man says:

    lol this video is shit. pay more attention to the road and less to your lame commentary.

  26. GodBotherer1 says:

    Snowcat, over here in Australia, motorcycle riders are starting to wear bright coloured leathers, tradesman Hi-Viz fluorescent green jackets (which are very water resistant) or riding with their lights on all the time.
    It makes them easier to see, especially when driving a truck.
    The problem with motorcyclists is you guys wear black leather, ride dark coloured bikes & you are slim & quick, so it's harder to see you guys.
    When I'm in a truck, I can only see behind me with my mirrors.
    The road is there to share, except cyclists because those cunts don't pay jack shit for licencing or registration to ride a pushbike on the road.

  27. Phil B. says:

    You need to stay off the roads Pal, what a Fckin idiot!!!!!! OLD LADY!!!!!!! Complete Nerd, never watch one of your vids again!!!

  28. How bout you try to make that turn give the truckers a break

  29. DON HALL says:

    i seen sport bike riders do worse! i seen assholes on all types of bikes and it aint the bike that makes anyone an ass, its their personality

  30. Levi Rust says:

    hate the rider not the bike

  31. Noah Sabla says:

    all you do is hate on other drivers

  32. caleb maneth says:

    it's the driver not the bike…don't be hating on Harley man.

  33. 3642130 says:

    Americans are the worst, slowest, most selfish drivers! be careful on bikes or in a car.

  34. TheDuckMan says:

    So harleys are like the BMW of bikes?

  35. he was in a club you didn't talk shit to him

  36. jc06gsxr600 says:

    what a little snowflake crybaby bitch..change your tampon

  37. Alan Elson says:

    That's just Snow cats matter of opinion give him freedom to state his mind my god we don't control what he says or doesn't chill out so what he doesn't like Harley drivers or the stereotypical whatever Jeez

  38. your bike sounds like a cat pissing at least that got a roar to it

  39. 8Djoshh says:

    You would lose your mind here in NYC if you think thats bad lol

  40. NIGHT-SKIES says:

    Haha you're a bottom feeder.. Harley like a boss …

  41. Dustin Drake says:

    love your videos. Disagree with your statement about the transport. If you've ever ridden in one or drove one, you would know how big of a machine those are to maneuver

  42. Justin Sears says:

    have you ever drove a semi truck before

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