White Triumph Street Triple, Photo gallery and Video Clips, Asian girl Motorcycle

I LOVE my new bike! Check out my gallery from the first couple weeks of ownership. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be able to own and ride a bike like this.


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  1. Hello there, may i know what is this bike original seat height and the seat height after lowering? you fit so well to the bike, my gf is wondering what bike can she ride comfortably as she is only around 150cm..

  2. fazerhomer says:

    very nice vid !! think you are very lucky with the bike !! I will buy also Streety !!

  3. mcNigaz says:

    hey, nice bike and nice videos, i'm glad to see you happy on your dream bike 🙂 greetings from Poland

  4. Joe Yuan says:

    Hey cherrie, this is absolutely beautiful ride..I'm from Australia and currently consider to get street triple 675 now 🙂  but I'm a small guy 5'6 168cm , not sure i can touch the ground with my feet on this bike or not.. I can almost flat foot on my ninja 250. How do u feel about tip toe with street triple? Thanks :)

  5. Considering to buy the same bike, however I'm concern about triumph's reputation about their reliability. Based on a lot of reviews the street triple has a few issues- headlights cracks, engine clanking noise, problem starting, clutch and gears slipping, breaks recalls and more…just over 1000miles owning the bike. Have u experience any of this?..thanks

  6. hksupersi says:

    Hey cherrie the picture at 0:55, is that when it was lowered or before? I'm 5'6-7 so i'm just trying to get a feel for it.

  7. LaLLaFun says:

    Hi! Does street triple suitables as first motorbile?

  8. crazy.gurl4 says:

    Where did you get your backpack I LOVE it

  9. love the ride…   enjoying mine as well   hope to see you around town….   too cool

  10. Love the nail polish!!! I've got a 2013 Street Triple in black. Lovely, lovely bike! :-D

  11. oo7Grexx says:

    Nice bike, they are a blast to ride and always puts a grin on my face everytime. Enjoy the bike!!

  12. BongoFury says:

    nice camera angle ! you must be getting close to taking her in for her 1st oil change….keep sharing :)

  13. Jim V says:

    glad to see you're enjoying the bike, but I'm not surprised, everyone who is fortunite to own a street triple just loves them, they are amazing bikes, ride safe

  14. just had to sub, love the bike and hope you have many miles on your triple. Cheers!!

  15. Roxic12 says:

    Nice editing, good luck on your Street triple journey:)

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