vw trike build 12, its finished!

Its done!


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  1. 2000talon says:

    Wowey  zowey ,good lookin build :)

  2. Jon Laws says:

    Normally put the isolator on the +ve, interesting that you chose to use the Ground. It would be an easy task to put a fly lead from chassis to battery -ve and defeat the isolator.
    Interesting trike project and well executed.

  3. sweet looking trike but the wiring looks hokey. you should use weatherpac plugs instead of terminal strip and solder and shrink tube instead of just a crimp. It looks wwwaaaayyyy better and more professional.

  4. looking for a three wheel Volkswagen trike if you have one for sale email me please I'm looking for something around 5000

  5. You Tube says:

    Brother I am love with this green wonder machine and I want to buy one dead serious !! Where do I contact you ?

  6. I'm trying to find out if I can use a Volkswagen slave cylinder on my clutch and a motorcycle master cylinder so it will be all hint control as I am handicap I have got my trike almost done need to know if anybody knows please let me know if it will work together I don't know if the master cylinder from a motorcycle will pull the sleeve cylinder

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