33 Comments to “Vintage Hare & Hound Desert Racing (1967)…BSA, Greeves, Triumph, Norton, Husqvarna”

  1. Motor Cycles says:

    Great video, thanks for sharing….

  2. gary lambert says:

    Great video. Brings back a lot of memories. District 37 desert racing.
    We were in the Desert Barons MC. Went every Sunday. Lots of fun.
    I remember JN Roberts…..we nicknamed him Masiah…..
    Hahahaha thanks for sharing.

  3. John Brown says:

    That was a way cool vintage video. For a 1967 film they did an outstanding job

  4. Yamaha SR650 says:

    Desert riders are good people.

  5. rattler AR15 says:

    That is some great footage-thanks for sharing!

  6. Ray Johnson says:

    Great Doc Film lots of good times out there in the dusty Desert.

  7. omahadave says:

    Today some spoiled little punk wearing $5,000 worth of gear Mommie and Daddy bought him would be riding a $15,000 custom bike and he'd cry if he didn't win.

  8. racerx143 says:

    The bikes may have sucked (compared to today) but looks like awesome simpler times that would have been great to have experienced.

  9. It always does my heart good to see my Dad, Buck Smith, alive and "kicking" again. He passed in 1995 at the age of 67, 44 days after Mom passed. They left us far too soon. :'( Thank you for sharing this. It's wonderful to see him out ahead of the pack from the get go. Doggone flat tire. LOL. IF anyone has any other videos of him, we'd sure love to see them. Thanks!

  10. Daniel Stiel says:

    Brings back some great memories. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Iamagood729 says:

    This is before my time, I didn't start riding until 1970, 4hp Tecumseh, sting ray bicycle front wheel, a flat piece of steel pushed on the rear tire for the brake, but I was riding and still do on my 2014 KTM 300. It's still on my bucket list to ride a Hare and Hound, I've rode MX, Enduro and Cross Country. Great film, when men were men.

  12. Gerry Cooney says:

    I raced a modified 1968 Triumph Bonneville 650 there in 1970. It was wonderful. Time sure flies. My friend rode a 1967 BSA 650. Both bikes were set up for desert racing.. Tickle the carbs, set the throttle, and kick hard 'til she starts.Doing 100mph on that ground, with those bikes, was very hazardous. With an oversized sprocket on the back, the bike tried to jerk my arms out of the sockets.  Lots of expensive 2-strokes there incl. Bultaco, CZ, and Huskies.

  13. Stevo Reno says:

    1967 and no pot head hippies only men, machines & good families  ….cheers

  14. forti e veloci con quei cancelli dell'epoca…..

  15. Dean McCoy says:

    Thanks for the upload it brings back many fond memories.

  16. fantastic film great to see the old bikes ,brilliant 

  17. beloog99 says:

    The sixties… coolest decade ever.

  18. Mary McGee says:

    Fantastic footage of one of the best of desert racing,  Hare & Hound.  Watching you can easily see why JN won so many desert races. 

  19. these guys are all badasses.

  20. Thats just some good stuff there man. Great video !

  21. lynn leist says:

    Love it!!!!  saw a lot more red & yellow checkered Southwest Rams guys, don't know who they were, but, wow! the memories of my childhood come flooding back with tears!  Incredible job camera guy and sons!!  The helicopter footage is great!

  22. Bellissmo, fantastiche moto, personaggi, abbigliamento….come andavano veloci !

  23. John Morris says:

    That takes me back. Lots of familiar faces and names, tho' I'd never seen Larry Berquist on a Victor before. Saw a lot of him on 40 inch BSA twins and later Bultaco. Amazing how inadequate the suspension appears, even the second generation Greeves leading links forks seem laughable, tho' they were considered hot stuff at the time. Good film, thanks.

  24. Butch 103 says:

    Awesome job and results by the cameraman!

  25. fluxstringer says:

    I had no idea any such film existed. I wanted to see Enduros but being married etc prevented that.
    Thanks for posting this . A look at a style of racing I used to dream about but never got to see, even on film or TV.

  26. I raced trail bike class on a Hodaka 100cc from '68-'72. race started about 15-30 minutes after the big bikes dust cleared. Was great fun catching up to the squirrels on those big sleds.Was member of the Red Dots M.C. & ended up  #107T amateur.  Would do it all over again, then some if i could. Thanks for the video.

  27. 441rider says:

    The best year ever, next to '69 BSA I have ridden 28 years.

  28. Ron Williams says:

    Brings back great and scary memories. Never seen this much footage of a actual beginning to end race. Now I have a way to show friends and family what I was doing between 1970  and 1978.

  29. that was cool, still hard to believe they used to ride Bonnies out there… even if we do have the T120C sitting in the garage it's still hard to believe they rode them like that

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