Vintage Flat Track 1970’s Motorcycles


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  1. thevmanvj says:

    First time I've seen Flat Track Racing footage from Knoxville Raceway, in Knoxville, Iowa.
    Home of "The Knoxville Nationals"…..and The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

  2. dirtmagirt10 says:

    the only thing missing is the smell of the beans oil 

  3. ooblar7 says:

    Anybody heard of national number 89 Danny Perkins?

  4. Brad Rudy says:

    I know Danny Perkins. He & I race at Perris Raceway in the Southern California Flat Track Association.

  5. Joe Farrell says:

    Knoxville Raceway, Knoxville, Ia.

  6. We use to go to the old Sacramento State Fair Grounds in the 1960s to watch the mile dirt flat track motorcycle races. Back then it was only Harley 750 flat heads, BSA Gold Star 500 singles and Triumph 500 twins.

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