7 Comments to “Vintage British Engine Sludge Trap Service by Randy’s Cycle Service @ rcycle.com”

  1. scott black says:

    something to add is,once the trap is removed,you should clean the inside of the crank where the tube goes into,it gets quiet nasty as well.I removed my flat head plug,I used another guys method,he drills a hole through the plug and uses an ez out

  2. Legion Geth says:

    Yo man good tip with that hex bolt. Someone already put one in my triumph. It made servicing the sludge trap really easing.

  3. 1953kaiser says:

    When you install the new plug, do you stake it like the original or use thread locker liquid instead?

  4. conhawks says:

    just a thought randy, is that new sludge plug the same weight as the original? with that hex head looks lighter, best

  5. zigazin says:

    Thanks for that, I finally know what a sludge trap is. My T 160 is gonna be done this winter, now I know what to look for.

  6. thank you Randy for reminding me, good presentation film clip. thumbs up.

  7. jess brown says:

    Wow, very good video randy! I did not know anything about a sludge trap.

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