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  1. Awesome video , love to see some of those travel videos…

  2. Really good video, your a cool cat. We ride Goldwing and love it 

  3. dry509 says:

    Hello..I am retired and am learning how to make the journey the destination myself. Question…what are your thoughts on large bikes and accident avoidance? I have hesitated to buy a large touring bike because they cannot swerve, brake, and have less lean angle compared to lighter more maneuverable bikes.

  4. Dazzle Rebel says:

    Hey Dan and everyone else. Just to make you aware most dealers are independent franchises and not owned or run by Victory or Polaris. If one dealer offers you a service contract you MUST check if it's manufacturer endorsed or just a dealer service contract. If it's manufacturer endorsed it will be an official promotion and will be advertised on the official website. If it's just a dealer service contract they SHOULD make you aware of this as it will not be transferable.

    If you feel you have been miss sold a service contract complain to the dealer first. If you get no joy then complain to the manufacturer as this will be logged as a black mark against the dealer. This goes with most brands of bikes.

    Nice bike by the way!

  5. TrackSol says:

    Thanks for the tip about the North rim of the Grand Canyon.

  6. What an honest and fair review from some one who ACTUALLY rides a Vision. I think most reviews are lacking in that respect.

    A good point about the riding lamps. Thank you for posting.

  7. Thank you very much for the video, I enjoyed watching it very much sir.

  8. jey lee says:

    there's many better options to lubricate those rear pads, WD-40 is just about the worst for that, try 3-in-1. WD-40 is great for breaking it loose, but it's not a lubricant. I enjoyed your video, thanks :)

  9. TheHuester44 says:

    I'm guessing it was the dealership on Bell rd which I've noticed has closed. The few times I visited there I always got the sense it wouldn't last long . I like Victory and Indian motorcycles and if I'm able to get another cycle it will probably one of these brands instead of a Harley which I owned previously .

  10. I believe Dan f. expresses excellent and important points that all serious long distance operators should listen to and consider.

  11. Chuck Wilson says:

    Very nice review. Thanks. 

  12. Great video Dan!  I currently ride a Victory Cross Country.  Best bike purchase I've ever made.  I previously owned a 2006 Goldwing.  Loved that bike too, but you can't beat a Victory.  I also owned 3 Harleys before the GW.  You are right, the joy is in the journey, not the destination.  That's what riding is all about.  Keep it up!

  13. Thank you, very informative video and I am impressed by the miles you are able to rack up each year, no question you are one serious rider.  While I don't ride a Victory I have checked them over but for now I ride a Suzuki Boulevard C50T so I'm still in the Cruiser stage, one of these days I'll buy a full fledged touring bike but for now I'm still pretty happy with shorter hops of a few hours or less. It has to be interesting seeing the variety of people, places and things around the country and doing it while in the saddle gives a unique point of view.  Cruising, to me, is loads of fun as long as I take my time without being rushed. I agree with allowing people to pass you by and sometimes I wonder if my speedometer is reading correctly or if it's off by10 mph .  At 65 mph people fly by me like tomorrow isn't coming. I stopped letting traffic push me a while ago, let them get a ticket or be in hurry, I'm happy with lower speeds and enjoying the scenes as they come up. Thanks again, I'm going to check out the other videos you have. Take care – enjoy.

  14. Arizona RE says:

    This is great, I've been looking at Victory and this is great information from a real rider.  Hat's off to your mileage and ride safe B-)

  15. Can you tell me the overall comfort level of the bike with stock bars footboards and seat.

  16. Gamma Flurry says:

    wow. fantastic. and entertaining thank you

  17. Tenitia Grim says:

    I own a 2013 Victory Vision, I had mine lowered 1.5", you should be aware that if you lower the bike it may bottom out in the rear and crack the bottom of your saddle bags, I really love the bike, just a small learning curve.

  18. Welcome to Victory motorcycles…

  19. TurboPelican says:

    Very nice video! Good tips and a VERY good video. Watched the whole thing and I don't even own a Victory motorcycle. I ride a goldwing GL1800, but I enjoyed your clear, concise commentary and learned a few things at the same time. Thank you for presenting this video, Dan.

  20. If you still have the deflector mounting hardware you should try making your own deflectors out of carbon fiber or Plexiglas. A little project – maybe even make them boot-proof.

  21. CLOWhite says:

    Great review and feedback. You brought up some good points regarding dealership sponsored service contracts – same as in the auto sales industry. I'm glad to hear the Victory Vision has held up well. I'm very interested in purchasing a 2016 Victory Vision as my wife wants to begin touring. Keep up the posts and the great rides!

  22. FCSGuardian says:

    Great review Dan. I was just looking at the victory bikes online and viewing a few videos about them. Ran across your video here and definitely enjoyed all 30 minutes of it. I thought… "Finally an honest bike review done by an owner instead of some magazine or sales guy." I purchased my first harley in 2013 (2008 road king classic). Gives me and my wife time to get out a few hours a week. Rode from Omaha to norther MN last summer by myself and actually fared well on this bike. No butt aches or back issues. Since my purchase of this bike I learned more about Harley's marketing scheme and also how difficult it is to do "simple maintenance" on it. I'm a decent wrench on a bike but getting tired of the harley bs. For example, when we purchased this harley, we changed out the stock seat to a more comfortable one plus got the back rests. I learned that the back rest pads were sold separately from the frame it mounts to. Well anyway, your video of your victory bike gave me more insight of the issues you deal with since you purchased it. I have learned that the motor is much an improvement over the harley, but the body style on the victory bikes are not as appealing. Again, thank Dan for your review. When the spring season approaches, I'll do a test ride on one of these victory bikes.

  23. Thanks for the info.Have a Healthy Happy New Year!

  24. David Odell says:

    Enjoyed your video very much.

  25. Reg Feener says:

    Loved the video .. Watched it from beginning to end and thoroughly loved it.. I got a lot from the video and it was really great the way you instilled a closeness with the viewers.. The sitting and telling all to the gopro made it seem just like you were talking to me..Wonderful format.. You sir are a great storyteller.. Thanks for the post..

  26. Hello Dan, how did you find the 106 engine long term overall?

  27. Hello Dan, how did you find the 106 engine long term overall?

  28. Papa Ganoush says:

    Great video man… thanks for your review…

  29. Jared Howe says:

    The Service Contract I have with Harley-Davidson for my Dyna Glide Low Rider is good at ANY Harley-Davidson Dealer Nationwide.

  30. Livinrawguy says:

    Awesome review thanks for such a great description of the Vision looking at one myself and to save some cash 2011 look good nice to hear how reliable they are.

  31. gomakyle7 says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for the video! We are both different kind of riders (you more long range, me more for personal everyday and the occasional haul) and was wondering what you would think about getting this for my needs. I'm 24, in case you were wondering.

    I am thinking this bike or a Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe. I'm looking for something for music, something I can stretch on a bit (I am 6'3") for my legs and my arms, and then looking for something super comfortable for my girlfriend.

    I am currently riding a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom and needed something a lot better for riding with a passenger.

    Any extra input you have I would appreciate greatly :)

  32. Great personal perspective. I love this old guy. can I come along next time.

  33. Chuck G says:

    Lot t think about…. I bought my 1999 Victory in 1999. In the so cal area. (I still have the bike) I have put over 100,000 miles on it. Put batteries, oil and light bulbs on it.
    I can still go out and it will start up and wake the dead (I do have aftermarket pipes)
    I will sell it in and get me a Hammer next.
    And I am in my lower 60's….
    Have had Hondas, Harleys, V rod, Kawasaki and Ducati's. The Ducati is the only other bike I really fell in love with. But where I live, it would be impossible to get any service.

  34. Great video very educational.

  35. Loved your video. Thanks for posting it. Keep on ridin

  36. This gentleman's voice sounds just like Liberace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hey, Thanks for the review bro!! Its nice hearing an honest, unbiased opinion

  38. Slick Willy says:

    How much were your services each time? Harley wants 1 to 300 every 8000km. Which I think is bs.

  39. mypaldave says:

    Wow, you've done some serious riding. I've got 55k on mine but my Vision is older than yours.

  40. Jesse Webb says:

    This video was very helpful.

  41. MidnightZen says:

    This is a great video. It's nice when real owners share their experiences with the bikes and motorcycle dealerships. Very cool and it's entertaining, too. Good job!

  42. That was one of the best reviews I have ever seen. Much more informative and relevant than that produced by some of the so called experts.

  43. Thanks Dan. Enjoyed the video. Drive safe.

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