7 Comments to “VICTORY RACING AT ISLE OF MAN TT ZERO – Victory Motorcycles”

  1. Much better than the Victory Drag Racing Team (eliminated before the finals) and Project 156 Teams (crashed the prototype bike).
    Congrats on the win, now let's see a production electric bike.

  2. Awesome job victory, pioneering the electric motor race for two wheelers👍

  3. Impressive for being the first time!

  4. James Col says:

    Great go team.
    Very impressive.
    I would love to see a proper Victory production sport bike on the market.

  5. X says:

    Great job!  This helps cement the Victory name as a true powerhouse and a motorcycle company that will be around for many years to come. More than 112 :-)

  6. Ronin Priest says:

    I can't wait to see you. On the tt circuit

  7. Icon came out with 2 of them a while back, and equal to a 750. Now going bigger.

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