1. Mario Flores says:

    Waited a long time for this one, can't wait for part 3!

  2. Thanks for the info buddy. I will get my one hopefully in 3 days i cant wait.
    She looks amazing and can't wait to ride her.
    I am 5"11 that would be fine wouldn't it. Yeh you look comfy as on this bike

  3. Wally wat a ride got
    Mine last night and she is amazing fucken need to watch my sharp turns though got to really turn the handle bar not like a sport
    But over all great bike

  4. Thanks bro, i already have judge handle bars tear mirrors and a two in one upgrade pipes. Sounds bad ass.
    Next step is mat black and the led indicators. Hope by xmas. I will do a vid in the near future 

  5. Matt Graves says:

    Man that is F-in beautiful bike. I've been riding nothing but fast motorcycles on and off the road my whole life, getting beat-up a bit now, have seen some awesome cruisers lately and most of my friends and family are on them now. For some strange bias however If i'm going to get a cruiser, it has to be American made, yet the performance of the 'Main' american company just kills it for me. Victory to the rescue. I don't understand why more people don't ride these, Great price, clean as could be and they look full custom right out of the showroom. I'm buying one first thing when we get to Austin next year and out of Chicago. (I love Chicago don't get me wrong, but Austin? Year round riding, great music etc….no snow). Thanks for the great vid and inspiration.  

  6. Trey Harper says:

    diggin it bro! absolutely lovin this video and the bikes. Im picking up a 2013 highball in a few weeks. I live in houston, lets go on a ride

  7. Kay P says:

    Mörder Geil!!!! Hammer Bike!!! 

  8. what song is this? getting a victory hammer soon, but I love the chromed out look. Found a 2010' for $11k brand new. No miles.

  9. SMARTIMCO says:

    i see my VICTORY closest with your videos man!!

  10. What grips and bar ends are you running? were they hard to install?

  11. 1wallymack says:

    I uploaded a new video WITHOUT MUSIC. 


  12. jchung636 says:

    I like the hammer but what is the other bike?

  13. Daniel Navas says:

    Your bike looks great! I just purchased my 2015 Hammer 8 Ball and love it. Hey how did you get your turn signals smoked out? Also what kind of handle bars are those…they are sharp. Keep the vids coming. be safe.

  14. A TG says:

    I'm actually cross shopping these 2 bikes. How does your buddy like his fat bob? Have you guys ridden on each others bikes? Thoughts? I'll be coming from an iron 883 with forward controls and mini apes. Not sure if I want to sell her or keep her but still have 2nd bike as the fatbob or hammer

  15. Damian Valls says:

    Holy shit 1wallymack. i have a black hammer (not 8 ball), and my little brother has a fat bob; the same EXACT color!!!!!! eerily similar to the rides that we go on. we are in houston/sugarland area.

  16. popeyevalls says:

    thats too friggin bizarre!!! my brother and i have the same exact bikes….including same color fatbob!! we also live in houston. for a minute there,i almost thought i was watching a video of ourselves!! sweet video yall! ride safe

  17. Frigging awesome time to be into American cruisers…

  18. Welton Brown says:

    You do Awesome work Brotha

  19. jchung636 says:

    which bike is better to ride?

  20. Daniel Navas says:

    Hey Wally, it's because of your video I ordered the hacker rippers for my hammer. Did u use the O2 sensor bungs from Hacker or the stock O2 sensors?

  21. Madcatdave says:

    perfect song choice goes very well with the vidoe.

  22. Juan Marquez says:

    Bro I have a 2013 Hammer 8 ball and love my bike and I so want to put V Bars on my Hammer. I love it because in Albuquerque NM there is not a lot of Victory's in my town so it's one of kind she brakes necks. After watching your video I want to to do one..

  23. michaelkosek says:

    You still have the bike? If so what are your thoughts about the bike after having it for a while. How is the bike in corners, do the pegs quickly touch the ground when cornering?

  24. JJ Edwards says:

    Strangle question but how tall are you? I'm 6 1 and wondering if the bike is gonna look tiny lol

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