Very loud motorbike exhaust

This bloke has the loudest bike I’ve ever heard. It had 4 pipes on the back, you could hear the thing from Saturn it was that loud. Filmed during the 2009 Isle of Man TT.

It kicks off at about 1.24. I don’t know why YouTube makes the video jerky, try it on 360.


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  1. STF 117 says:

    holy shit dude that is loud 😱😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Hell yeah !!!! Let it rip…..There isn't such a thing as too loud for a motorcycle unless it is a disgusting Harley Davidson sound

  3. Eve Ihlone says:

    Let's put stupid human behavior into two general categories: 1) That which deleteriously impacts only the doer, such as wearing high heels. And, 2) Behavior that needlessly impacts others, such as deliberately making noise in an effort to attract attention.

  4. Can somebody tell Mr Rickey Holtsclaw to tone it down i find his arguing very LOUD over everybody else's comments i also believe he may be in dire need of a life so if anyone can help pleeeeese

  5. Jonathan Yeo says:

    Bruh there are cars with louder pipes than this bike, plus loud pipes on bikes saves lives.

  6. Sunny says:

    Published On Dec 1 1960

  7. John Stots says:

    Bike exhaust sounds are never going to sound impressive.

  8. Srib says:

    I have a CRT exhaust and the fucker is loud, Its my angle looking over me in a way since i live in thailand I need drivers/people/stray dogs to hear me coming or I could get taken out by idiots.

  9. Richard Page says:

    I would bet it's not the only bike on the island with a loud pipe a lot of people will stuck something crazy on to go to the tt

  10. a loud one is good but I use mine to wake everyone up than ride for my life usely happened
    at02.00am just to piss sister off

  11. could any1 of u please tell me which exhaust is that?

  12. could any1 of u please tell me which exhaust is that?

  13. the other bikers that pass by their exhaust sounded like wind passing by he was the only one with the loud exhaust

  14. I had the same experience, when my exhaust pipe just fell off (rusted away, because it was faultly welded) of my LADA. I was heading to a wedding ceremony. Guess how bad my entrance was.

  15. Klaus 83_ says:

    whats so special he went fast on the twisties, everyone dose that

  16. it seems like bikers in Europe never wave to each other

  17. Attention boys and girls:  It's Summertime again.  Grownups have their windows open.  Now let's all take our play time mufflers off, and put the real ones back on.   Remember, children are to be seen, not heard.

  18. Ache See says:

    parked bikes save lives!

  19. Open pipes in some type of Suzuki inline 4, thats just the way they sound, good.

  20. Gary Nogs says:

    piss me right off… is there any law on this….theres little twats round my area with scooters that do 30 tops but sound so loud people cant talk……idiots…. if theres laws on loud music why not this crap….

  21. fliatas says:

    This is ixil hyperlow exhaust. Have the same on z1000 2009 🙂 Its pretty loud and small. If you put DB killers in, it will be 3 times less sound, very good for city riding.

  22. Gary Nogs says:

    I think yr comment broves my point. ..TWAT. ..

  23. RoadKillzine says:

    what a faggot, and i mean south-park style annoying pathetic attention seeking faggot.

  24. Gary Nogs says:

    thing is the sound of good bike especially old bikes is quality. .like old cars. .its these little scooters and pop bikes that make all this loud unnecessary noise that drives alot of people mad..there's no need for it..laws an arse coz they just don't bother now..

  25. B Mc says:

    assholes on motorcycles with modified exhaust to produce excessive noise are compensating for small penis syndrome or shory man complex. take your pick.

  26. Robert Dobbs says:

    loud pipes = no penis = no peace

  27. love it nice cruise through village and effortlessly dissappear on the quicker roads with a sound track that tickles some and scares others

  28. roadsonboard says:

    Looks like a LAZER EXTREME on a GSXR 1000. Not that loud to be honest itself but the bike may have been de-catted with a Y pipe to retain the dual sided exhaust. Had I not had twin Yoshimuras, this is what I was looking for but, it seems to be discontinued by Lazer.

  29. Loud cans are for the benefit of twats in cars playing on their mobile phones ,who kill other road users.

  30. So was this a problem? Sounded great to me. I wish he really hammered it so we could hear it even better!

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