15 Comments to “Unboxing – Motorcycle – 2016 Indian Springfield”

  1. Mike Saenz says:

    I like how the old school Harley riders will not flat out say that they like the Indian Better.

  2. Here's the video for the new Harley Pro Street Breakout. Very different from the Springfield…


  3. Priest Haris says:

    Nice review, man !!! Could you spot any difference between the Springfield's and the Vintage's handlebars??? From what i see i believe these ones have a way better wrist angle … … … !!!

  4. make one like a 1938 and you have a seller .   new crap no good.

  5. kyle stewart says:

    The NEW Indians are First Class Machines. The fit and Finish, and Materials used and the engineering is top notch. I ride a Older Valkyrie cause i love the look and feel and performance of it for me, Never been a big Vtwin fan, but the looks and performance of these new Vtwins are now on Par with the Multi cylinder machines. Kudos to Indian, Harley and Victory for building top notch machines. Great Review BTW

  6. Paul Dutton says:

    I think it is a lovely bike.. The Springfield and the scout are switching me on to Indian but I would loose the front mud guard. Maybe they should design a subtle homage to old school but for me that guard is a little too full blown bygone. Think I would lose the rear guard also but the engine is a work of art. I like the fork rake as well. Yummy.

  7. Julio Smith says:

    Didn't know the guy from breaking bad was selling Indians.

  8. John Ayres says:

    That is the same bike that I just purchased at Lafayette. I'm having the Stage 1 air cleaner, Rush pipes, and Stage 2 cams installed right now. I rode it, and it was the best bike I've ever rode.

  9. Joe Moe says:

    MAN I would sell my demented, tormented, bad arse soul for this ride SEXY HELL YES I am in LOVE WITH THE BITCH!!!!

  10. Winkie Man says:

    Other than the saddle bags I don't think I would change a thing!

  11. Diozark says:

    Why did they Down Grade The Shifter ?

  12. I live about an hour away from that shop. I love going there.

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