Ultralight Trike Crash

Beginner tries his hand at flying a ‘weight-shift trike’. No injuries, but some bent aluminum battens will need to be replaced.


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  1. Wouldn't that really ruin your day?   I liked his "little wave" before applying power. 

  2. billy payne says:

    I love watching rich people getting hurt.

  3. Dirk G says:

    Jaja der tückische Strömungsabriss….gg

  4. Aaron D says:

    I guess he never achieved proper take off speed

  5. Ultralight Recliner . . . . LOL !!

  6. Jan Novak says:

    pravdupovediac nie som si istý kde sa stala chyba ???!!! škoda !!!!

  7. foom5 says:

    He was trying to impress some ladies..bad idea ;)

  8. Tom Martin says:

    Any body see what I saw, to much angle of attack, early rotation and lift off, too steep in the climb, craft stalled dropped right wing.
    Also – appears to have been almost no control input from the pilot.
    No previous instruction – no idea.
    Lucky not to have sustained serious injury or death.
    Darwin candidate.

  9. JP JP says:

    why ont yo buy some lessons before you try to kill yourself?

  10. JP JP says:


  11. Berkner80 says:

    What ever happen to the other angle of this takeoff? Use to be up on YouTube but now I can't find it.

  12. I think, he lost his power before landing, he don't know how to increase the speed if no power, in this case, he could increase the speed by pull the control bar until nearly the earth about 7-10 feet and then push the control bar to balance his aircraft and a little bit lift up it's nose until it touch the earth.

  13. The reason why I would never fly a weight-shift aircraft is everything is backwards. For example you swing the bar right to bank left. This guy was starting to bank right, and instead of attempting to correct by moving the control bar right he moved it left at 0:50, which caused the aircraft to fully drop the starboard wing into the ground. I think he was just inexperienced. I would probably do the same thing If I just jumped in one of these and tried flying it. Everything is ass-backwards! Push forward to increase angle of attack? No way I could take off in one of those!

  14. skyym3 says:

    Looks like someone is a little upset.

  15. rokag333 says:

    With the trike the inertia is low so you must land at high speed, you take the speed not by increasing the motor ***but by pushing the stick, which is you, ahead of the bar like in a normal plane, the fact is that to push you the stick ahead you must grip the bar(which is not a moving part; the moving part is you and the the trike) and put it to your stomach.

    when you are 10m (30 feet) make your rounding by moving you the stick like in a plane so you push yourself away of the bar
    let's fly 2feets from the ground and wait the energy will quickly disappear and you make you touch down. do not use the pedals use you the stick to keep the line .

    ***when you put full gas it's almost impossible to go down because the angle of the trike and the wing will increase this will put the stick so you full back and make you climbing with the risk of going too slow!
    If you put full gas push the stick (so you) a little bit ahead to climb at a nice speed:

    In this case
    The guy try to climb without energy and went is stall ; look this video by looking the position of the pilot as the position of the stick and you will see by yourself the huge mistake

  16. kenwes69 says:

    i would never take off or land in grass its to risky

  17. Dude don't tell anyone but I think you stacked the mother up!!!!!!!!

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