Twin Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle (Bike & Builder episode 2)

Twin Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle (Bike & Builder episode 2) Thanks to Sam for the interview and clips of his build! More bike films at

My name is Sam Turner, I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I currently am a Diesel Technician for the United States Postal Service. When I was about 12 years old my father taught me how to use a welder, and ever since then I have been building whatever has popped in my mind. My first motorcycle was when I was 8, my father fixed up an old 70ish model Honda 50cc minibike. from there I worked my way up to a Honda 110, then a Yamaha RT180.

I knew I wanted to use the 840cc V-twin diesel engine for my power plant, and figured that to keep it symmetrical looking, the only way to go was Twin-turbo. I tossed around the idea of double CVT’s, and a Hossack front suspension. but it seemed still too mild. then the idea of Diesel electric popped up, similar to a Diesel locomotive where my engine powered a generator, then the generator could use electricity to spin a wheel motor. This is where the idea of AWD became possible. After researching the generator and wheel motors that would be capable of moving this bike, I decided against it because the costs were insanely high. Even though the diesel electric part of the build was shot down, I still wanted to try to do anything I could to keep the AWD aspect. That is when I stumbled across the idea of using hydrostatic drive. It would act basically the same way as a diesel electric, but at a fraction of the cost. I picked out a hydraulic pump and 2 hub motors, and because the hub motors are designed to only be supported on one side, I needed to design a single sided suspension for the bike. Once I drew up the idea for the suspension I saw that it would be very easy to install air bags so that the bike did not need a kick stand. At this point I began to lay all the pieces out in my garage, and once the engine, air bags, suspension and tires were lined up, the bike was over 11ft long. At 11ft long I did not want to have goofy looking long handle bars, or have to awkwardly have to stretch out over the backbone of the bike to reach the bars so I ended up building Double push pull cables that would connect the front spindle all the way to the back of the bike where the pivot point of the handle bars were. I ended up using the same setup for my hydraulic reservoir, as Triumph used for oil in the TR650. the backbone of the bike is a 4in hollow tube that stores 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid, thus eliminating the need for a bulky storage tank. Hydrostatic systems generate a lot of heat, so I installed two oil coolers on the side of the bike and fabricated two hood scoops to help re-direct the air through the cooler. I installed two 2.5 gallon air tanks on the side of the bike, and welded cones and fins on them to give them the appearance of bombs. At this point the bike started to look like some type of military experiment, so I decided to run with that theme. I installed 31×10.5 off-road tires, a heat shield down the reservoir that looked like a gun heat shied, Cross hairs on the backbone. a 2.5 gallon jerry can for a fuel tank, a 5.56 ammo can for a battery box, and painted the bike frame truck bed liner black, and the body panels Olive Drab Green. Hope y’all like it!


11ft 3in long
38in tall
840cc 20 hp Direct injection v-twin diesel engine
Twin RHB31 Turbochargers
Suzuki Swift Intercooler
EATON 2000 series Hub Motor
3.33cu/in per rev. Hydraulic Gear Pump.
31×10.5 MudStar Radial MT
Carrara 400lbs Coil over shocks
2 – AirMaxx 2500 lb. air bags
Airmaxx 150psi 12v Compressor
Parker Hydraulic Hoses

bike & builder
Produced by: Zack Coffman
Edited by: Brandon Lee
Exec Produced by: Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman
Camera by: Sam Turner and wife
Music: “We All Know the Way” by The Builder and the Butchers
Used with permission:

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Twin Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle (Bike & Builder episode 2)


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22 Comments to “Twin Turbo Diesel AWD Motorcycle (Bike & Builder episode 2)”

  1. so DieselPunk! i love this bike

  2. Nihal Hey says:

    Creation or Pollution ?

  3. Adam White says:

    I fuckin love it, ghost rider himself couldn't have a more bitchin bike

  4. Fritz Vaber says:

    I wish I had the time to build such a creation.. One thing I would suggest is going with a Danfoss (Sauer) variable displacement pump with a bent axis (piston) motor. Sizing is of utmost importance. Remember 1HP will get you 1GPM at 1500 PSI. So you have to balance the cc's of your components to get the maximum torque and speed with the available HP. Also, with a variable pump you can use that as a brake instead of restricting your return flow. Restrictions create heat… heat is bad..

  5. Hey, Nice Work, keep it up
    I would like to know how does the wheel spins neutral ?
    kindly help me with your knowledge.

  6. Ya, I luv it. Not too cool on that smoke pouring on you. Anyway to burn that smoke before it exits engine. Great JOB

  7. this ugly thing only serves to pollute

  8. whole tur says:

    I would try and drag my knee on it, if it didnt have car tires

  9. it just sounds really awful. lawnmower.

  10. that's a really nice vehicle, but that smoke around you would be cool just in a madmax movie..

  11. Ste Da says:

    1. The suspension arms will break near the bearing at the corner some day
    2. Looks like the inventor never heard of C.U.R.V.E.S.

  12. HULUCrackle says:

    FUMIGATE your NUTS while you ride!! I am Guessing you DON'T get a Lot of Girls who Want a Ride…

  13. ObsessionPC says:

    Very cool build, love the looks and the technical content. I get the smoke thing, but I wouldn't run the engine that rich all the time. It's perfect when it bellows smoke on the throttle, on idle or cruising it should clear up imho. But hey, it's your build, you have to drive it and put diesel in it! Good job!

  14. SentinelFPS says:

    This is fucking cancer. Looks like a toddle put it together and gave is to his crack whore mom to smoke it out.

  15. Adrian Tyler says:

    Do they not have emissions testing in the US?

  16. Looks to me like the wheels could support a more substantial engine, which is good because that thing looks a little bit under powered. The logical choice would be a diesel car engine, but an old 6.2 Chevy could make an interesting Boss Hoss type rig.

  17. next time you should built something clean,,,that thing is pushed by smoke…

  18. DIEHARDERXIX says:

    Thats pretty fuckn cool. I'm a tad jel

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