Twin Engine Motorcycle Dragster Stage Fright Triumph Bonneville Tiger T110 T120

John Stein of Los Angeles, California shows us his original, twin Triumph engine powered 1960’s motorcycle dragster named “Stage Fright”, which he parks in …


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20 Comments to “Twin Engine Motorcycle Dragster Stage Fright Triumph Bonneville Tiger T110 T120”

  1. se parese a la del juego para android se llama top bike

  2. korigang says:

    hi John. Great to see this bike again
    Jack Christer AHRMA

  3. Bill Taylor says:

    Back when Russ had the 4 engine Honda, Joe had the double Harley and who was it? Christianson who had the double Norton?

  4. Fantastic! I love the fact that it has only one gear.

  5. what is the firing order ? people want to know .

  6. Looks perfectly safe. Haha.

  7. The unit construction Triumph 650  came out in 63..

  8. Eric Clough says:

    Kind of weird this videos is exactly the same as another video of a drag bike this guy has. Has him saying the same thing with him putting it in his living room kind of weird maybe they ran out of ideas.

  9. D Shine says:

    1962 was the last year for Triumph Pre Units not 1959.

  10. From the first second, i was thinking, Kick it u bastard :D

  11. goropeza101 says:

    My definition of art too !

  12. 9.7 over a quarter mile !!!!! shit NO brakes !!!!

  13. Jack Nielsen says:

    I love the moto channel. Another great episode. Do the next video on like a sweet retro dirt tracker. 

  14. Bixby Moto says:

    Everyone should have a motorcycle in their living room. Great bike and history!

  15. Great video, but you''d want to be a nutter to ride that thing.

  16. bik3r666 says:

    Where is the Fucking seat!?

  17. Kory's Rides says:

    Looks great except the hose clamps. They may be adjustable, but they are not one size fits all. Smaller clamps would look a lot better than a huge tail

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