Turn Oil in Frame (OIF) Triumph into Hardtail Bobber (Cycle Zombies from Brittown motorcycle movie)

Turn Oil in Frame (OIF) Triumph into Hardtail Bobber – Watch Awesome Biker Movies Here: http://www.choppertown.com/motorcycle-movie-downloads/ The …


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34 Comments to “Turn Oil in Frame (OIF) Triumph into Hardtail Bobber (Cycle Zombies from Brittown motorcycle movie)”

  1. Hi guys 🙂 nice work !! What are the specs on the hardtail? Stretch? drop?

  2. Did they drain the oil before welding to the frame?? 

  3. great motorcycle, greeting from Bali island.

  4. Tony Owen says:

    Great video. Greetings from anglesey north wales uk. Da iawn.

  5. i wish people would quit complaining about other peoples stuff they do it is theirs so they can do what they want with it i have a cpl people tell me what i should or should not do to my bike its mine not theirs o and for havin money so what if he earned it he should get to enjoy i have to scrape for every penny but dont bad mouth some one else cause they dont have to and loved the NRA decal on his welding helmet enjoy guys be safe have fun

  6. le gros trip! en tab…  tellement des beaux bikes

  7. The three comments below this one are of silly, arrogant, ignorant tards.

  8. David Waller says:

    Never understood the fascination with bobbers. They just look silly.

  9. Bill Bennett says:

    Anyone praising Triumphs are friends of mine…period!!! 

  10. Bill Bennett says:

    Fabulous fab job… father and son communion and blessing of the bikes… amen.

  11. Claudio Diaz says:

    I hate mods that make the bike worse than they were.

  12. Nice bobber, but you lose points for father of the year for having your kids sawing,
    grinding, and being around welding without any eye protection. It's a bitch getting
    metal taken out of your eye.

  13. I wish there was more videos out there like this

  14. almeidadave1 says:

    Love all the bikes! Tell me more about them!
    Love the black pickup truck too what is it?

  15. Whats the drop and stretch?

  16. Ob Fuscated says:

    The OIF was a stupid and un-necessary change (read Bert Hopwoods book on how the British motorcycle industry committed suicide for more entertainment) so no great loss if one gets the chop though I'd personally sell it then use the money towards an aftermarket hardtail frame with better top end access (if you actually put miles on a Turnip you'll be doing top end jobs) instead.
    It's worth remembering that old Triumphs are horribly unreliable by modern standards and that owning one even when they were young was a good way to be a pedestrian. Making one into a custom is like redoing otherwise rather useless old cars into rods and not different from how they were modded decades ago with the major exception that the modern aftermarket is magnificent by comparison. The more people who ride these old lumps the better parts availablilty will be, since the "restore 'em and park 'em" crowd don't create much demand.

  17. tastytagger says:

    What are those helmets called and where do i get one?? are they just called 3/4th helmet

  18. almeidadave1 says:

    Love the bikes!!! And the truck!!
    Wish my dad was into cool bikes and doing Mods lol

  19. mrmatt5555 says:

    cool vid! where did you get the rigid tail section??

  20. viva para rodar…rode para viver!!! Brasil sorocaba são paulo.

  21. KayWal1981 says:

    Freaking Awesome, I build a bobber about 10 years ago never got to finish her had to sell it .I hope i can do it again soon . You guys are inspiring i give guys a sub

  22. Bradley Todd says:

    Surely could of got a basket case?! It's like killing a endangered species and bragging about it! Boooo! I built mine from parts I searched high and low for and earn't. It's a shame young indie/surf/emo/punk/whatever you are kid. Confused?

  23. ndbubbles says:

    Poor girl got chopped up,i feel sorry for it in a way but she had a facelift in a way,got her looking good for the road.

  24. Tony Va says:

    the old man was right – leave that Bonnie original , so hard to find these in that condition , thumbs up anyways

  25. Mike White says:

    So sick. He made it his own and the bike will get more love because of it.

  26. Cowboys…destroyed a beautiful bike…you should be ashamed of yourself….

  27. Indobiker61 says:

    I got a 73 OIF Bonnie and its gonna get the same treatment on of these days..
    You have done a good job and it all looks pretty cool to me !
    Thanks for the Demo and keep yor knees in the breezzz.


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