Trooper Lu’s Motorcycles Triumph America review

Gert an insight into the Triumph America. PLEASE NOTE** When we say Kayaba standard that is all cruisers. When we say rigid chasis we mean stablility …


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  1. n2o4me says:

    Even Marlon Brando rode a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird T6 model in "The wild one" movie ..I'd say that's damn cool !!

  2. Except for their in line triple in the Rocket 3 cruiser!! And if remember correctly that engine was only 865cc not 900cc. tsk tsk.

  3. Earl Guyton says:

    I am a Harley owner and love the big twin which in hog language means not a sportster. BUT as a master mechanic and engineer I have to admit that the triumph will last longer than the harley and I have to say that bike in the video looks really GOOD to me. Much bigger tires and wider forks than the harley sportster and those triumph engines will last longer. Anytime us master mechanics arent honest with the truth we are only choosing to be a fool

  4. Great review from the first guy. The second guy had to compare it to the "Thunderbird" and then tell us the "America" does not have much power which "killed" the review for me… Don't forget the 270 degree firing order which makes the engine have a Vtwin feel and more character.

  5. When I was on my 125 I would go on about what I wanted next, my first "big bike" and with colleagues calling my VL125 a "pretend harley" I knew… I couldn't have one of those yankee rides.

    Being English, being a man whose father owned a silver jubilee Bonnie back in the day, I knew I had to get a Triumph.

    My '02 America is everything I had hoped for in that "big bike" and one I can start pouring money into her again, good lord there's a lot I want to do (For a start, better fucking shocks!)

  6. Robert S says:

    Fake carburetors? Jesus Fernandez Christ that is wrong.

  7. What's the name of the song at the start??

  8. Whatever happened to the 'bobber'project of this america? Maybe no video but at least some pictures are available?

  9. OK people..  I am really struggling with whether to buy the America or Speedmaster.  I love the blacked out Speedmaster(not really into all that chrome).  I would be doing different kinds of riding. I want something i can ride short stints to the wineries, but also something that is comfy enough to ride to the beach, take on weekend trips.  wHAT SAY YOU??

  10. Gooday mate!  Great review!  My last bike was a 1965 BSA 650 Lightning which was destroyed ( Don't ask) in 1969.  I just ordered an America in red.  What an amazing bike.  However, I heard you say a couple of times. "what a great bike for a younger guy starting out".  I'm an old (67) Navy Seabee just getting done.  Can't wait to get this bike under my butt.

  11. Peter McAvoy says:

    So what did you do to the Triumph America that you were discussing in the video. I don't seem to see anything about it on here.

  12. cleaner1402 says:

    why keep mopeing on about the classic american agricultural tractors otherwise known as harly davidson which is  quote old fashioned out of date scrap. i mean come on pushrod engines in this age even the most recognised musican the king elvis presley didn't want to be seen dead on that rubbish overpriced and only purchased by absolute dickheads i wouldn't have a harly of any description in my garage got more sense than pay extortion for out of date crappy scrap absolutely fecking rubbish.

  13. One of the main reasons I bought the Triumph America LT was because it WASN'T a Harley. I live in the Milwaukee area and 9 out of every 10 bikes you see are Harley's and like the guy said, I didn't want to be part of the flock. Only bad thing is there are Harley dealers all over the place but very few Triumph dealers. I literally drive past four Harley dealerships going to my lone Triumph dealer.

  14. Harley's are too loud and sound like Godzilla farting.  Triumph is classy and sexy.

  15. bigbadnewman says:

    Why black out and 'bob' the America? Buy a Speedmaster…………………

  16. They shouldn't call it a Triumph America.  They should call it a Triumph San Francisco, Castro District.

  17. I heard that song in this video at a gay bar once.

  18. Tim Hartley says:

    Triumph aren't about 'competing' with Harley Davidson. They're an alternative. Nothing says, "I didn't want a Harley", like buying a Triumph.

    The America and Speedmaster can be beefed up a bit, but even in stock form could outperform anything in the same range from H-D. If you want bigger, go with a Thunderbird – brilliant cruiser, 2010 cruiser of the year, again matching or exceeding what H-D puts out in the same range.

  19. Paul Kersey says:

    Good bike, I have it for 3 years now, very robust and awesome bike for sure. But I don't like the dealership. Very unprofessional and trashy people, they never call you, charge you. When you take them in for any maintenance, I know they didn't even touch the bike and charge $300. 

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