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  1. Daniel Garza says:

    Thank you. I'm considering this to be my first bike. I will be doing a lot of commuting for work, but driving up 6,000 to 8,000 elevation on the freeway.

  2. TheFruitcake says:

    Please tell me how you mounted that GoPro on the chin of that helmet? :D

  3. Could this be a good daily bike

  4. Ever since I rode the first generation Tiger through Tennessee I've wanted one . . . as soon as they improved. Based on this review, the second generation just keeps me waiting. Maybe I'm being too picky but the info here about wonky display / inputs re: new electronics doesn't help. What really keeps me away is the high cost of "necessary" modifications: Arrow exhaust, decent tires, and adequate engine protection being the most obvious (don't hit the topes of Mexico with that sump guard). But here's my question: Why are the rear foot pegs part of the sub-frame; in a toss-off isn't that just asking for trouble? Great review, it keeps me thinking; unfortunately, waiting too.

  5. Nice video and nice bike, but I'll stick with my 2014 800xc. The only thing that I would change on mine is the front suspension, but I think that I can remedy my issue with a set of progressive springs. I do agree that the crash bar is a bit cheezy, but we all know by now that the aftermarket ones are better.

  6. Rico says:

    Awesome bike, and a very comprehensive review good job.

  7. This review is fierce like a Tiger.

  8. Excellent review. Nice and clear. Valid points too. Hand guards etc – I agree.

  9. Xavier Low says:

    I don't know if you guys are in-house or outsourced, the quality of this review is one hell of a job. It's is even better than the promo contents by Triumph themselves, heck it's even better than ANY triumph related contents out there!

  10. Ross Jepsen says:

    My heart wants a Tiger but my head (and wallet) wants the FJ-09

  11. Rhunyen says:

    Best XCx review I've seen. Honest and informative.

  12. darwandoo says:

    this guy knows what to do

  13. Randy Firms says:

    +EverythingisFire Same. I think it is the best channel out there for looking at bikes that you might want to get

  14. great review, informative, clear and concise. more please. any chance of a KTM 1190 ADVENTURE review, both R and none R?

  15. JustSomeGuy says:

    I am very interested in this bike. I just got back from a local dealership where I sat on both the XCX and XCA for the first time. I"m 5'9" 180 LBS. and I was on the balls of my feet. Any thoughts ? Am I out of my mind thinking I could reliably handle this bike? I've had both street bikes and dirt bikes in the past so I'm not inexperienced. But I would have been sold on it had I been able to straddle the bike and still stand flat footed. Thank you for any comments or advice. Love this bike.

  16. Happy Trails says:

    Great review. In the market for an adventure bike and looking at the Tigers. Really like the XRT.

  17. Jason Nolet says:

    Mine will be here in one week!
    I cant fcckin wait!
    Soo. Just got the bike yesterday and I love it. I do agree it is very heavy, but I love how simple they made the it to adjust the suspension.
    I will be getting better tires and an aftermarket exhaust for this bike as you suggested. Will be almost perfect then.
    All in all, I am still breaking it in, but I love this bike.
    If there are any adventure riders in the northern Virginia area, please message me!

  18. Lee Bradley says:

    you can see the time spent on retakes & editing on a video when the end result is good

  19. Lee Bradley says:

    As far as bike reviews go .this is by far the most informitive & professional. A complete unbiased opinion👍 yes .what I want .A real opinion .not just a slide show with robot voice & specs !!!

  20. I want time see you guys do a review on the honda grom

  21. Leo Lai says:

    that's actually a very honest review.

  22. Cole Baldwin says:

    I really like this guy but I keep thinking I'm listening to pc principal on south park! Lol!

  23. good bike for guys in their 40s and 50s. Want a real dual sport? buy a dr650. Also, good luck picking this pig of a bike up when u crash on the trail

  24. If you're gonna spend all those coins on a new bike set up, why not just spend the extra coins up front and get a KTM? Will cost you the same in the end and you'll get a much better ride IMHO.

  25. Soso64bit says:

    I just keep coming back to this video time and time again. So well done! Also, I have to mention it, the Triumph triple engine sounds like the car from the Jetsons!


  26. TheReaper79 says:

    What an awesome review!!! This looks a fantastic bike and this review has me very very interested. Keep these coming. Well Done!!

  27. T wF says:

    Eines der besten Bike-Videos, die ich je gesehen habe!!!
    Absolut TOP !!!!!!


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