Triumph Thruxton R Test Ride

I had a lot of fun riding the new Triumph Thruxton R, including taking it around an airport. So goggles on, chocks away and Tally-Bally-Ho! More test ride videos …


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  1. great video awesome bike we still can get 2016 but not for long

  2. David Amsden says:

    I'm so torn on this one! I've test ridden it twice and totally fell in love. I ride a 72 CB750 now, basically mint, with similar seats and bars so I'm used to the position and have taken mine on long trips happily, which I'd want to do with the Thrux. I've been considering adding something new to the arsenal and was convinced the T120 was for me, but it was a mighty pedestrian ride after this one. Smooth and lovely and versatile, but not quite as grin-inducing. Still, I wonder if long term I'd be happier with something more comfortable and passenger worthy. Thoughts?

  3. MrA 2309 says:

    I chopped a Diavel in for one of these. fast…. very fast, but not in the Diavels (a missile!) league. However, it IS really nimble and great fun in the twisties, the controls are so light and intuitive. We'll see if the fit n finish stands up as well as the dukes. I've had two triumphs before and they were 'iffy' to say the least.

  4. Raj Kumar says:

    how tall are you .? i m 5"8 .is this bike very tall for me??

  5. Ok, this guy is cool. I like his reviews! Very in-depth like instead of blasting paper facts he just gives an actual first person perspective from the bike. =) I love it.
    My question is: can it handle 2 passengers???
    Im going to purchase a bike soon and i love the Cafe Racer look more than the bobber or cruiser look, but they dont look like they are friendly to passengers.
    Any advice????

  6. CalmBiker says:

    Nice looking machine, though I agree on the reflector; gold forks should not be fiddled with! The radiator looks a bit naff too but the rest I definitely like.

  7. I have the strangest idea you're quite impressed with this one Phil, Good test ride and review, RSM8.

  8. WEGGY zx12r says:

    Class act this dought the best of the breed so far…I believe Young THRUX is Thrusting his monage under triumphs noses for one of these…class kit all round..brakes,suspension etc….ill have one please!

  9. wyvernbiker says:

    Oh what an amazing looking bike :)

  10. banditnev says:

    There is a big difference in the pickup from a 500cc to a 1200cc.

  11. Spectre223 says:

    Gorgeous bike that, and with a few upgrades they can sound even better. However I love cafe racers, but a lot of their appeal to me is the personalisation, so I don't think I'd want to buy an off-the-shelf cafe as it were

  12. Triumf Ant says:

    Why can't I have to money to add this to my garage :(

  13. Oh and next time I'm in a little one I'll take you up!

  14. Goggles on! Chocks away! Hooray!!

  15. Sounds like a serious machine. Love it, my favorite so far. Everyone loves a rev bomb. Great review.

  16. "BIKER FURY" says:

    Up the young ones! And I've heard this thing is insane! Really does look it, just so expensive, ride safe Phil.

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