Triumph Thruxton R Fairing

2016 Triumph Thruxton R with from fairing and fender removed.


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  1. What fairing are you using for it?

  2. Don Ritler says:

    Thanks, will do it that way.

  3. Don Ritler says:

    Own own myself with the fairing and the low handlebars. plan now to remove the reflectors on the front fork, can you tell us how did you do it as i'm a little bit afraid of harming the finish on the fork?

  4. I came back to see your bike again because it looks so Classic,fast, and Awsome after what was done to it! Great work again dude and thanks for sharing… Seriously!

  5. Ian Leonard says:

    That looks beautiful. Love the Matt black.

  6. Yuri York says:

    Hey I've got the same bike and considering the same fairing.
    In the video you mentioned that new fairing will bring the bars down, is that something that must be done to install that fairing, or something you just wanted to do?
    Btw bike looks amazing
    A video feedback of how that fairing is working out for you would be a hit.

  7. I love Cafe looking bikes man! and you think so because im kind of a young buck… Im 29, Im not really sure if alot of kids that were born in the late 80s,like myself, actually like Classic Cafe looking type bikes….But I know I do and Triumph and Ducati seem to do it the best! in my opinion!

  8. Alan Thomas says:

    Taking his baby in for a make-over! Aaw! well that's ok by me!

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