Triumph tank badges screw on type (fat bloke talks

let’s fun begin …I know I sound horrible.


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  1. immyboi says:

    Is there any online store I can buy the Black Bonneville emblem from?? I really want to install it on my new '16 Street Twin!

  2. Nice to hear me talking??? There is something wrong with your ears mate!!!!! 😀

  3. Nice to hear you talking and on camera mate!!! I love the blacked out badges!!!! Superb! Don't forget to do a video on where you relocate the wiring for a bottom mount headlight!!!!! 

  4. pgod1960 says:

    Well, I never knew they were so interchangeable! Threre's another reason to go for the carb models (my preference anyway). I'll be going for a T100 later in the year and looking for a good low mileage carb model. Personally I've always preferred the 'garden gate' or 'mouth organ' badge that you showed here.

    Oh and Greg, you don't sound horrible mate, not at all. I hope I know as much as you do about these bikes after owning one for a while! By the way, I always hate listening to myself when I've recorded something.

    Thanks for putting this up, it's all about sharing knowledge :-)

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