Triumph T120 engine rebuild pt 1

Here goes part one of a well over due engine rebuild. This one is the removal of tank,carburettors exhausts and foot rests.


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  1. frank zee says:

    These videos are brilliant! Thank you and please keep em' coming m8!

  2. Ray Elliott says:

    Glad you are back & your videos are always enjoyable. Very sorry for your losses. If you keep posting videos eventually my Texan ear will get trained to your accent!

  3. David Cowton says:

    Hi John, Nice to see you back on YT, Didn't get notification of your new vids for some reason? Anyway, Wife and I so sorry for your double loss, it certainly knocks your end in when anything like this happens. It doesn't seem like 4 years since I watched your last re build? Off now to watch the rest of the vids, Take care and ride safe. Dave & Anne.

  4. DtEarth says:

    Awesome. Good to see you around again. Love your vids and watch them many times!

  5. oh dear, it's a runner! understand your TV is not working 😉  keep us posted…. hope you have a heater in the shed mate…. watching and listening to yourself again is Triumph music to the ears….  🙂  been too long

  6. WAGWAN CITY says:

    Hi lunmad
    Ive got a 1958 triumph 3ta and want to change the engine oil, how would i go about doing this?
    The oil all collects in the oil tank on the side, do i drain this or do i need to drain it from somewhere else?

  7. Alberto Knox says:

    Back in the saddle (figuratively) I see! Good to have you back, but sad to hear to the family you have lost. My mother went some years ago. I am glad for the time I got to spend with here near the end. She too looked back over her life and said it was good. Will that be the end for you and I one day, or will some housewife get us as she's checking her phone and drifting into oncoming traffic? I guess we just have to make every day count since you never know.

    Hope the rebuild is going well. It's riding weather here in Texas now when it's not hail.

  8. Ian Bruce says:

    I'm sorry to hear the sad news that your Mum and Sister recently passed away.On a brighter note,,,,,,,,, It's GREAT!!!!  to see you again. Keep the videos coming."All The Best"

  9. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. We appreciate you and love watching your videos. I do all my own work on my old Triumph thanks to you! My thoughts and prayers for your loss. Kind regards.

  10. Bad news always suck,but glad your in the shed.;-) I'm now in the middle of putting mine back to rights as we speak.Bottom end is now done.Lots left to go.Thanks so much for sharing. Without you ,I doubt that I'd tackle that job myself.I really find working on my bike good for the soul.Keep it coming.

  11. Moto Phoenix says:

    Sorry to learn of your recent bereavement, I hope the future holds happier times in store. But it's great to see you back, always enjoy your videos and the way you present them.

  12. jtreg says:

    really glad your back mate, looking forward to seeing the rebuild progressing!

  13. jemglen says:

    A joy as always. Welcome back.

  14. Tim Elley says:

    Great to see you back – always enjoy your videos! Sorry to hear the bad news, but as you say, life goes on.

  15. J.A.Ratt85 says:

    Nice to see you again John. Question, is it legal to run the internal mufflers like the TT pipes had over there? sorry if I've asked before, my memory is shyte these days 😛
    Over tightened carbs making the slide jam? Yeah I know that hell well, the T120C is completely warped and needs the carbs sleeved or something.
    Sorry to hear about your Ma, at least she lived a nice long life.

  16. Volgnit says:

    Good on ya for taking the time you needed for you. Sorry for your loss but its good to see you and the Bonnie back.

  17. steve kwall says:

    Sorry for the passing of your mother and sister, but your right, life goes on ,dying is a part of living .We all love your videos ,keep it up

  18. 1814Custom says:

    good to se you back working on the bike.. a never ending story..
    and im sorry to hear the sad news..
    cheers from Norway..

  19. Dan P says:

    This will be a good series. I know every nut, bolt, and washer on my Bonneville. Very nice engines to work on. But due to health reasons I tore my Bonnie down in 2010 to rebuild it. And only got as far as sandblasting and painting the frame and all the small bits before I had to stop. All the engine parts are greased well and I'm going yo attempt the engine rebuild since I already bought all the parts. Ah. I did put new big end shells in and fit the connecting rods after cleaning the sludge pipe out. Surprising the sludge pipe was clear after running the bike for 15 years between rebuilds. Modern oils and frequent changes I guess.Keep posting your videos are great to watch.

  20. mathbishop says:

    Wow! I used these videos so much when doing a rebuild on my TR6C. Great to see it happening again, looking forward to many more to come.

  21. pgod1960 says:

    Crikey, where to begin … Ok, first off so sorry to hear about your Ma and your Sister, my sincere condolences. Bloody hell, it's rotten whether it's expected or not. As you say, somehow you have to just carry on, no better therapy than concentrating on getting that lovely bike of yours ready for that warm dry day we get every year! As ever I shall delight in following along. It would be nice to catch up in person, tons of news both sides I'm sure. As the length of comments here are restricted somewhat I'll sign off here and chat to you imminently. All the best mate 😀

  22. EdOfTheNorth says:

    Hi John. Long time no see. The Bonnie is in for major surgery but she'll survive. That's what's nice about old Triumphs………….. they just never die. lol.

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